Tony Lucca's 'The Voice' Song Choice Made Him Look Like a Sore Loser (VIDEO)

tony lucca 99 problems the voiceSomething seems to have happened back in the early '90s between former Mickey Mouse Club-ers Tony Lucca and Christina Aguilera to trigger some bad blood. She was one of the youngins when he was one of the senior principles on the show (remember, he totally had something going with Felicity Keri Russell!), so maybe he bullied her a bit? Who knows, but there has to be a reason Xtina harbors bitterness against Lucca, because this season on The Voiceshe's been really hard on him.

Side note: I still can't believe he's a contestant. What does that say about his pathetic non-career? Well, if he did anything remotely hurtful to her in the past, I could see why Christina would be gloating now ...

Anyway, Christina's tough treatment aside, Tony's the one who should feel ashamed.

For his final performance last night, the former Mouseketeer performed Jay-Z's "99 Problems," which, if you're not familiar, includes the line: "I got 99 problems, but a b*tch ain't one." Huh. Oh, he's not bitter at all, right?! And I wouldn't be surprised if Christina felt like that lyric was directed at her. Doesn't seem to me that it was a mistake, a coincidence, or intended to mean something else -- that's for sure. Even if it was, it was still wrong. As Christina put it in her critique for Tony:

Tonight you came here with your beautiful wife and daughter and family, and I just thought the lyrical connotation was a little derogatory toward women.

Right on.

Now, to be fair, the song was chosen not by Lucca (reportedly), but by his coach, Adam Levine, who we all know to be an immature tool. Someone who I'm sure wouldn't have any problem stirring up drama and attempting to stick it to Xtina with a jab like this. And that's just as lame as Tony's attempt to tabloid/blog headline himself (back?) to relevancy. Tsk, tsk. Sad.

No matter how much grief she gave him, Grammy Award-winning diva Christina Aguilera is in a completely different universe than nobody Tony Lucca. He should have been kissing the ground she walks on. Sure, enduring what he has had to be a huge blow to his ego, but he's the one who signed up for a reality singing competition show. Too bad he felt he had to resort to that song choice -- or even just agree to it. It's certainly not going to win him any fans.

Here's his performance, if you missed it ...


Do you agree Tony overstepped or did Christina have it coming?

Image via NBCTheVoice/YouTube

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nonmember avatar dre

I love Christina. So she was right.

LKRachel LKRachel

I don't think it necessarily had anything to do with her. He and Adam have been all about 'edgy' song choices and I'm sure they just thought it would be cool to do a version of it. He already did the MMC reference w 'hit me baby one more time' and that WAS probably directed at her so he didn't need to do it again. Plus, Christina has been off her game for a while now, rude to both contestants and featured performers and needs to get back IN the game.

howcrazy howcrazy

What is your problem with Tony Lucca? It is very hard to make it in the industry. I suppose when you became a writer your ultimate goal was to write bs gossipy stories that make you sound spiteful for the stir? If so, greet job!

howcrazy howcrazy

Ps his performance was awesome and if you check out other sites with more credibility, you will find he has won over plenty of fans. In fact, he is in the top 5 downloads on iTunes so I think you are dead wrong.

Gilmo... GilmoreGirl29

I completely disagree with Tony Lucca being the target of this article. Christina has been a rude beotch to him since day one. She's the one making little OBVIOUS jabs at him. Last week she said to him "And if this doesn't work out, you and Adam could always start a Britney cover band." This week she is lecturing him on lyrics to a song HE DIDN'T WRITE. She called him one dimensional when, if you ask me, he is the only contestant in the final four that has shown he can do more than one thing. Especially when you put him up against her Chris Mann. Last night he was speaking and thanking ALL the judges and she was on her phone texting, when it was time for her to speak to him she was more interested in her coffee. No... I think Tony has been targeted and he has handled it very gracefully. Read what you want into his song choice, but the bottom line is he took a song that everyone knows, completely changed it into something else and made it his own. He had no reason to be kissing her feet.

kintop kintop

Team Blake!!!!!!!  If you do not agree you can KISS MY COUNTRY ASS!!

Gilmo... GilmoreGirl29

I would also like to add that Christina is a judge. She is paid to be there. SHE is the one who should be held to a higher standard on her behavior. If I went to work and treated a customer how she treats Tony, it would be unacceptable because as the employee I am held to a higher standard no matter how someone treats me.

nonmember avatar amber

I think this whole thing adds fuel to the fire that celebrities can say and do whatever they want because they are somebody. Tony is an artist, a husband, a father so he is somebody. Yeah Christina has won many awards and made a name for herself, but lately not a very good one. Whether or not it was directed towards her, its a competition and he's playing the game. I'd watch Tony (a nobody) over Christina (a train wreck) anyday

MyMommy MyMommy

I agree with most of the above posts...Christina has been riding his back way more than anyone else on the show. It just shows how petty and immature she is. I wonder if she said the same thing to Jay Z when he originally made the song...I highly doubt it.

nonmember avatar Claire

She deserved to be called a b**** and more with the way she's acted throughout the season.

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