Jon Gosselin: Tips for Saving Money this Holiday!

Jon Gosselin made time for CafeMom's Daily Buzz last week! I asked for help to create questions for my interview. Thanks to my friends at CafeMom, I had lots of great questions for Jon. He was amazing, funny and very nice.  Jon is working with Microsoft to give families ideas on how to save money this holiday season.  Saving money and budgeting for presents is a concern for most families this year. Toddler Buzz had a great article last week on Budget Santa about cutting back for the holiday season.  Jon and Kate are tightening their belts too and he gave me some great suggestions to help stretch the family budget.


aidensmomma508 asked how Jon and Kate buy presents for all the kids without going broke?

Jon: This year we are giving one big family gift to the kids. We have little gifts for their stockings but we decided to give the family one big present that we can all share. We are getting a new family computer, with a monster hard drive and web cam. I'm excited because I plan to use the computer to spend some quality time with the kids, by playing educational games.  The kids are really excited to get the new computer, the older girls always have something they need for school, so this computer will be a big help. 

bagjmama wanted to know how Jon and Kate stay awake on Christmas Eve, with so many kids to get things ready for.

Jon: I don't sleep much. I go to bed at 1am and get up at 6am, most days out of the year. So Christmas Eve isn't that hard on me!

Here are some other tips from Jon Gosselin:

Jon: I've read that many families are opting for a family gift this year. Some other ways families can save money by using computers and technology:

  • Keep in touch with friends and family using video messenger.
  • Start a blog to keep loved ones up to date on family news if you can't travel to visit.
  • Use digital photo frames to instantly share photos with friends and family.
  • Design your own holiday cards that cost pennies to print.

Kate and I used the Live Search cashback program this year and we were really happy with the results. Kate was a little skeptical at first but after she saw the money we got back, she was all for it!

I told Jon I wanted him to start an online training class for husbands, with the new computer's web cam!  Since Jon listens to Kate, I would love my dear husband to take a class from him. Jon was very gracious and listened to my plea for husband help but don't look for any online classes anytime soon.

I really enjoyed talking to Jon. He was just as funny and nice in the interview as he appears on the show. I love the show and I know I'm not the only fan here at CafeMom!

If you are a Jon and Kate Plus 8 fan, the family website is another great way to keep up with the Gosselin family. In addition, Jon and Kate, along with friend Beth Carson, have a new book. Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets is already a best-seller.

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