Brandi Glanville Goes Too Far in Twitter Attack on Giuliana Rancic (VIDEO)

Brandi GlanvilleWhoa, Brandi Glanville. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star recently went way too far on Twitter, when she attacked Giuliana Rancic. I love a good celeb Twitter battle, but Glanville went way below the belt this time.

On a recent episode of Fashion Police, Rancic made a slight dig at Glanville, but it wasn't really that bad. “I used to totally poo-poo this relationship, and then I watched his ex-wife [Glanville] on the ‘Real Housewives. She is nuts.”

And let's face it, Brandi is nuts; that's why we love her. So it's not unexpected that she would bite back; it's just how hard and where she bit back that's the problem.

In a Tweet, Glanville lashed out with:

It’s sad cuz I’ve been rooting 4her through her illness. Hopefully her man doesn’t leave her & give her surrogate baby to a bonus mom.

Damn, that's low. I'm a big fan of the ballsy, wild Glanville. She's one of the best things that ever happened to RHWOBH, and I was thrilled to see that we'll be seeing more of her with recent news that she's no longer just a "friend of the Housewives," but a full-fledged Housewife. Still this is pretty mean.

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Plenty of people tweet in anger, but going after Giuliana's baby after all she's been through -- it's pretty hard to be in Brandi's corner on this one. She's tried to recover (sort of) by removing the tweet, and she's addressed it through a few others by saying things like:

@GiulanaRancic Its all good she doesnt know me and when you do a reality show you open urself up for judgment.


its all very sweet and I love everyone and I have no feud with at all. Done and done.

But you can't really take something like that back. It's out there, and it's too bad. Hopefully, she think a little more before she attacks next time.

Here are Giuliana's original remarks. See if you think Brandi overreacted:

Do you think Brandi Glanville went too low with her attack on Giuliana Rancic? Does it change your opinion of her?


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nonmember avatar chelsea

Ok so my opinion is that Guiliana basically gave Brandi's husband a pass for his adultery and dismisses brandi's pain of having her family broken because she is nuts. In my opinion what she said was awful. Brandi just stated she hopes what happen to Brandi will not happen to Guiliana. As a mother people have no idea the pain that is caused when they have to be seperated from their children.

Betty Zam

I think Brandi reacted to a diss. So GR is the only one who can say something, but BG can't? Why?

Jaime Mikitan Endrizzi

Exactly what Brandi put your life on television and your open to scrutiny. I love it--and love Brandi. No matter who it is...Brandi will probably tell you how she feels anyway so because its Guiliana we should all feel sorry for her. YOu think Guliana is the only one on this earth that went through something hard? NO

Jodi Hodson

GR was on a show which talks about what people are wearing.I don't think that GR was dissing Brandi at all. Brandi was out of line. Completely and totally rude. My opinion is that it comes from a place of real pain. Eddie left her for Leanne. She will always be BITTER. Her tweets expose that. Guiliana and Bill have SO much love between them. 

Dee Knowlton

I feel that Eddie met  Lean & said wow she has a pretty mouth.I know u all just think it is a wonderful thing that she just blurts radom trash out of her mouth but frankly my dear she is nasty.I would not want her raising my kids.come on,her boy just whips it out on a lawn where there r little girls,ok so correct him.Don't laugh & say what ?he has to go.I had 2 boys & I would never have stood for that.She doesn't have enough brains to correct him.?U teach ur children the right way.I so hope she does not become a housewife.Was it right what her ex did,well no we all know that.But what is done is done,move on.She does alot of sleeping @ with men & woman (from the way she acts) can't she find 1 person that wants to keep her?No problaly not!!There I said it,like it or not!!!

Mss Pepeye

If you can dish it, you should be able to take it, so GR is trying to say that Brandi deserved what Eddie did to her? who know tomorrow, the same might just happen to her!!

Kim Cutlip

Brandi had every right to respond by saying simply that GR should not  judge her and hope that what happened to her never happens to GR 

 but by mentioning the baby that was just too much and actually shows how little class she does have 

nonmember avatar NavyWife

Brandi is a nasty, crazy c*nt. It's one thing to offer a retort to a diss, but to comment about her baby is just classless and low.

Deann L. Harris Smith

Brandi is the biggest B in the world.  She needs to grow up and act like a woman not like a child.  She is so disrespectful.  I don't blame Eddie wanting to get away from her.  She is psycho.

nonmember avatar Guest

Giuliana blamed Brandi for Eddie cheating on her by saying she was crazy. Of course this was after she had drinks with Leann. But I think this has blown up bigger than it should be. In reality Giuliana has had her struggles and should understand what it's like for others who have gone through tough times. Brandi lashed out but felt bad about it. Either way, Brandi said she has no issues with Giuliana.

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