Amanda Bynes Gets Into Another Car Accident ... Girl, You Are Such a Bore (VIDEO)

amanda bynesYou know something, Amanda Bynes? I'm not even gonna bother wasting my breath on you this time. Because clearly everything I say goes in one ear and out the other!

You just don't wanna listen, do you?

I mean, six cop cars and a helicopter? SIX COP CARS AND A HELICOPTER? Yup, that's apparently what it took to get the girl's attention after she sideswiped yet another car on Friday night.

She says she didn't notice hitting the other car. Not so much for the driver of the other car! Cause basically if a crazed starlet goes careening into your vehicle with her Range Rover, you're gonna notice a little bit.


But here's the most insane-o part of the story, in my opinion:

"Officers believed her story, noting that the damage was so minimal it's possible she didn't feel the bump."


Of course Bynes could still lose her license, authorities were quick to add.

And what have we learned today, boys and girls?

That Amanda Bynes is better at greasing palms than Lindsay Lohan, perhaps?

Do you think it's possible Amanda Bynes "didn't notice" hitting the other car?

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