'Tanning Mom' Gets the Last Laugh (VIDEO)


I think most of us can agree that we've been simultaneously fascinated and confounded by "Tanning Mom" Patricia Krentcil because, beyond having never seen anyone so deliberately tan, we're not sure why she would want to look so tan. It defies reason. Even George Hamilton was never this tan! Plus, we all know that overexposure to tanning rays is dangerous, unhealthy, and, frankly, just doesn't look very good!

That said, I have a newfound respect for Tanning Mom. She apparently has more in common with us than I ever would have believed.

Saturday Night Live poked fun of Tanning Mom, who was played by the unfailingly hilarious Kristen Wiig. Wiig showed up on the news segment looking uncannily like TM, and trailing smoke from her latest tanning session. Wiig also played into TM's recent rant that people were just "jealous" of her deep tangerine complexion:

I have the look everyone dreams of: Wile E. Coyote right after something blows up in his face.

Ha. Good one. When asked about the skit, TM surprisingly didn't answer that she never saw the episode since she was -- what else? -- busy tanning. Nope. Instead, she said, "It was well done." Well done?! Pun intended, Tanning Mom? Good one!

Then, she added: "The whole thing was hysterical."

Well, that it was. Aw. I don't know about you, but TM is growing on me. And not like a patch of skin cancer. But in a good way, like someone who has a sense of humor about herself. Now, provided she isn't putting her 5-year-old daughter in a tanning bed, which she has consistently denied, perhaps we can all move on from Tanning Mom.

Here's Kristen Wiig as Tanning Mom. Are you surprised that TM can laugh at herself?

Image via Hulu/NBC

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nonmember avatar Not buying it

I'm wondering if you have ever heard of statement analysis. This mother has not made a reliable denial. She says she "would never" put her daughter in the tanning bed. She did not say "I did not put my daughter in the tanning bed". If she cannot bring herself to say that, I cannot believe what she is saying.

Of course now that she has been arrested and is facing prison time for child abuse, she would never put her daughter in the bed.

I think the bigger issue is that she is an alcoholic or on drugs (I'm leaning more towards alcohol). Her speak, her actions are that of a drunk. I'm not the only one to see it. I grew up with a step mother who was a drunk, and there are way bigger problems with that than putting that little girl in a tanning bed. It probably contributed to her lack of good judgement when she did "tan" her daughter.

sweet... sweetcherry_59

I laughed my ass off at the toast...At least tanning mom got one thing right, the skit was well done.

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