'Khloe & Lamar' Recap: Khloe Diagnoses Rob With OCD & She's Right

Rob KardashianIs there nothing Khloe Kardashian can't do? (I usually don't roll my eyes when it comes to Khloe, but I'm inserting a big eye roll here.) On Khloe & Lamar tonight, she accurately diagnosed her brother, Rob Kardashian, with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Instead of being deeply moving or even offering up some sort of entertainment, however, it was 30 minutes of pretty much nothing, with a little PSA for the disorder thrown in. We hardly even saw Lamar Odom.

While initially I was a little sad to learn Khloe & Lamar had been cancelled (or just put on hold for awhile?), after tonight's episode, my disappointment has significantly diminished. Because if that's all they've got, they can keep it. Between her friend Malika's ridiculous jealousy plot -- which I refuse to even address because it was so clearly fake, scripted, and just plain insipid -- and Rob losing it, it was a pretty dismal episode. 

Khloe thinks he started developing OCD back when their father died, and that now whenever he's in a time of great stress, he reverts to that behavior. His big stress? Having to move into a big condo. 

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In response he started freaking out over little things like whether he ran over something while driving and had to go back numerous times to make sure that he hadn't. He also thought he might have left a bear's cage open at the animal sanctuary, which was a bit of a terrifying thought, but not so interesting to watch.

At first he denied he had a problem, then it was -- as usual -- Khloe to the rescue. "Bible, you're freaking me out," she told him.

She told him what she suspected, and he eventually realized she was right. He called a counselor, got a diagnosis over the phone, then thanked Khloe for saving his life ... or something akin to that. Glad he got that settled, and I hope he gets the help he needs, but I hope the finale next week brings a whole lot more. I'd like to see the show go out with a bang, instead of just fizzling out.

Were you surprised to learn that Rob Kardashian has OCD?


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Dee West Dye

Do you seriously get paid to write this stuff?

I can't imagine that someone out there pays actual money for articles full mistakes!

"when they're father died,"... that would be THEIR... they're is a contraction for "they are".

If you are going to pretend to report the news, at least learn to use the English language properly.


Dee West Dye

*full of mistakes

Thankfully, I am not getting paid for writing my opinion or else I would feel like I should give their money back.

We all make mistakes, but if this is your job...learn to proofread (as I just did) and correct them.

Mandago Mandago

Well, Dee, maybe you shouldn't criticize someone else's grammar unless you can use the English language properly. "Articles full mistakes" doesn't actually make sense.

Mandago Mandago

Sorry, you were posting while I was writing! It just irks me that people are constantly pointing out mistakes in these articles while making mistakes themselves!

Dee West Dye

No one is perfect, but if this is your job, you are held to a higher standard...or at least you should be. 


3ange... 3angelsMEZ

It wouldn't suprise me if he has OCD, anxiety, or any other disorder for that manner! Anyone who grows up the way these people have, with a mother like kris and sisters like that, I'm suprises he isn't admitted! Just my opinion! But out of all the kardashians I LOVE rob! He was so good on the show dancing with the stars! I feel like he can go a lot further with his life then they let him! <3

littl... littlesuzyfrog

Who  cares.  The show isn't called Khole and Lamar and Rob and Malika.  I really was dissapointed that they never had just Khole and Lamar.  I guess Her mother never thought that just Khloe and Lamar had a chance.  Trouble in the marriage??  I guess Kris wants to be in the storyline too.  Kim's pending divorce is too boring, so she wants to see how exciting and rocky she can make it for the next one.

jessi... jessicasmom1

I know someone with OCD .. people still can live with it and go on.

nonmember avatar ruthless1

I just really hope this is not some kind of Kardashian bid to make Rob relevant and garner some additional air time. Cause even for that shady bunch, it would be a new low.

jwoolman jwoolman

Kind of a no-brainer if you've noticed what drove away his girlfriend who tried to live with him (besides Khloe's merciless sabotage). He had to have everything "just so" and it was driving her insane. Likewise with the way he obsessively stalked her with text messages and phone messages after the breakup- it was so bad that even his sisters said he was stalking, and the new boyfriend had to intervene.

Of course, in Kardashian Land, such things are always cured instantly rather than after years of treatment the rest of the world needs.

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