Snooki’s Reaction to Tanning Mom Is Spot On & She Should Know

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snookiThe moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. Yes, Jessica Simpson has given birth to that 40-pound baby, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about Snooki, naturally. I think everyone's been wondering for some time now why, why we're so enthralled by her, and yesterday afternoon, we got our answer. During an interview with everyone's favorite Saved by the Bell star turned tabloid TV host, Snooki proved that she's this generation's zeitgeist.

Mario Lopez asked Snooki what she thought of the mom who put her 5-year-old in a tanning bed. The pregnant reality show star replied, simply:

"That bitch is crazy."

We've seen Snooki pee her pants, we've watched her waddle wasted on a public beach, and we've witnessed her wax poetic about the smush room, pooping, and body odor. We observed with wide, disbelieving eyes as she flung herself into our living rooms on Jersey Shore, not able to turn away, not able to resist any news that revolved around Snooks.

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Until now, I don't think many of us understood that her drunken antics and seeming disregard for decorum was just her pulling the wool over our eyes. Yesterday she revealed to the world that she embodies the trend of thought and feeling of our time.

Because, well, that tanning obsessed mom? That bitch IS crazy, and that's all there is to it. Snooki took a national controversy and boiled it down to four poignant words that formed one perfect sentence.

Ms. Nicole Polizzi may have been hiding behind her crocodilly and her hair extensions, but we see now why we're so obsessed with her. She's speaking her mind, which is, as painful as it may seem, our mind. 

That tanning baby bitch is crazy. I couldn't have said it better myself. Trucker hats off to you, Snooki.

Don't you think Snooki summed it up pretty nicely?


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CPN322 CPN322

Umm, I didn't know what zeitgeist meant so I looked it up and my mouth dropped open and I wanted to cry thinking of snooki being that :/

tna4ever tna4ever

At least now we don't have to worry about her putting her kid in a tanning bed... I wonder if she feels the same about spray tans for kids?


She got said it perfectly.

nonmember avatar Jessie

Thats fuckd up talkin abt the baby. Really that 40 pound baby! People ur soo fuckin stupid

mompam mompam

I love snookie

nonmember avatar Danielle

Its bad enough we make fun of adult's weight, but making fun of a newborn's weight is a new low. Seriously? Ugh.

.LoVe... .LoVeMyBuG.

Agree with the above, "40 lb baby" really? Am I the only one who is sick to death of everyone making fun of Jessica Simpson and now her baby? Let her enjoy being a new mother to her BEAUTIFUL baby girl. WTH is wrong with people.


Logan... LoganTroyMom

congratulations on being able to knock a new mom who doesn't even have ANYTHING to do with this article! you win the biggest bitch ever award! i hope you gain 200lbs with your (next?) pregnancy!

nonmember avatar Ivyzmom

Overreact much? The 40 lb baby comment was a reference to the fact that Ms. Simpson looked like she was ready to explode during the last few months. Anyone who has had a baby would understand the comment. Nobody was calling the baby fat.

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