Robert Pattinson's Bold New Interrogator Role Proves He's Not Just a Pretty Face

robert pattinsonEven though Robert Pattinson will always be the sexiest vampire who ever "lived," he's really starting to come into his own and take on movie roles that are a little harder to portray than soft spoken Edward Cullen.

We're eagerly anticipating his upcoming steamy roles in Cosmopolis and Bel Ami, but the bold new gig he just signed on for in a thriller called Mission: Blacklist will really up the ante on his acting skills. The film will be based on the book, Mission: Blacklist #1, which is about the search for Saddam Hussein. Rob has been cast to play an interrogator in the flick -- and will be the dude who finally finds Saddam. (That's hot.)


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What is it about picturing Rob in an authoritative and intimidating role that makes me squirm in my seat a little bit? For some reason I'm not having any trouble warming up to the idea of him being a little bit aggressive and demanding. (Ahem.)

Ok, ok -- I'll shut up about how hot he is for at least a few sentences. Honestly, taking on this particular role is a really great career move for Rob. He's already established himself as one of the most desirable actors in movie history, so he might as well start doing more serious roles that prove he really does know how to act. And obviously plenty of directors have already figured out that he's got some mad skills when it comes to his craft. I highly doubt they'd cast people they consider to be amateurs in more mature films like Mission: Blacklist. I, for one, will definitely be hurrying to the theater when this one comes out -- how about you?

Are you able to get Edward Cullen out of your head when you watch Rob act in other films?


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