Kim Kardashian Shouldn't Join the Kris Humphries Bashing

kim kardashianSo perhaps you have noticed there was a wee bit of a backlash when Kim Kardashian dumped Kris after just five minutes of marriage. Ever since then she's been scrambling to spit-shine her image back to its former glowing glory. Or, anyway, whatever it was before.

Here's Kim's Image-Polishing Strategy so far: 1. Give family members Rolexes, 2. tour Haiti, 3. adopt a foreign baby from an oppressed land (maybe), 4. LOL publicly when her ex is mocked on the radio ... Wait, what was that last one?

Yes. She did that. On Twitter. Take a look-see!

Earlier this week Hot 97 radio hosts Sipha Sounds and Rosenberg were roasting Kris Humphries' gonads over hot coals. They said Kris was a nobody before Kim picked him up. "I'll tell you this much, Kim definitely upgraded from Kris Humphries. He went from being an unknown NBA player to one of the most talked-about players, just because of dating Kim."

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Apparently Kim loved this bit because she tweeted, "Was listening to Hot 97 this morning! Thanks for the shot out lol! I love those guys!!!" I'm sure she meant "shout." As a frequent Twitter typo-maker, I cannot cast the first stone over that misspelling. But what about the overall PR gaffe? She's kicking her ex when he's already on the ground! Wearing stilettos, I might add. YEOWCH!

Kim really needs to lay off Kris if she wants to improve her image. I mean, no sympathy for the goofball who fell for her in the first place, but she doesn't need to rub it in. We all know he's kind of a doofus. Is it really so hard for Kim to show a little graciousness? Like, why not tweet: "Was listening to Hot 97 this morning! Love the show, but Kris was a great player before I met him!" Or, you know, don't say anything at all. SILENCE. K'mon Kim, we know you're smarter than this.

Do you think Kim it hurting her image more with comments like that?


Image via Hollywood PR/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Mia

why would that hurt her image? he's been bashing her all over the place any chance he gets...

jonellg jonellg

she's a douche and so are her fans, why is everyone always talking about her WHO CARES!

nonmember avatar Michelle

Why, oh why, does everyone even give this woman an OUNCE of brains? What do you mean, "Kim, we know you're smarter than this". No we don't! She is the dumbest, most self-centered witch on the planet. She deserves everything that happens to her. It scares the hell out of me that some adoption agency may give her a CHILD. GOD. HELP. US. ALL. oh, and boy do I pity that poor kid.

Gilmo... GilmoreGirl29

It was very distasteful, but I really don't expect anything else from her.

nonmember avatar SUSAN

She's TRASH ! Kris should get commended for all that he does. He was to good for her.

Torra... TorranceMom

Bashing him only makes her look bad (worse?). She should try her best to avoid getting caught up in any sort of negativity when it comes to Kris. He is, after all, her former husband and someone she claims she was in love with. That alone makes him worthy of a smidgen of her respect, right?

nonmember avatar Kandace

Kimberly, you should be ashamed of yourself! Its obvious that Kris REALLY loved you, but you are too big of an entitled bitch to notice. I hope you find whatever bullshit it is that you are looking for with kanye. Kris...if i wasnt married, i so wish you would call me <3

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