Alexander Skarsgard in '50 Shades of Grey' -- Please God, Please!

alexander skarsgard coachellaI'm dying. Seriously. I'm so totally dying. Alexander Skarsgard in Fifty Shades of Grey?!?!?!


Of course I would watch ASkars play absolutely any role -- plumber, bank teller, stuttering monk with a patch over one eye, ANY ROLE -- but bad boy with a taste for bondage Christian Grey?!

Skarsgard is so perfect for the part I can't even stand it. Even HE knows it! That's why his adorable ears perked up when he heard about the as-yet-uncast lead:

"He's got a sex chamber? My character has that on True Blood. He's got his little dungeon ... I was born to the play that part."


Ian Somerhalder? Puh-leeze. Chris Pine? Not even. Ryan Gosling? I'm not mad atchu, baby ... but nope.

Skarsgard. For. The. Win.

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Of course the obvious next question would be: Which actress is worthy of playing opposite ASkars as Christian's object of lust, Anastasia?

The answer? NO actress is worthy of such an honor. Hmph. But since the movie probably won't get made without a lead actress, I guess I'd have to suggest ... ummm ... yeah, sorry, can't think of anyone. And don't say Kristen Stewart -- she already has a vampire! No fair!

Do you think Alexander Skarsgard would be perfect in Fifty Shades of Grey?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar Michelle G

Alex is 50 shades of perfect. Yes, perfect for this role but also in general. I'd love to see him in anything, especially this! I envision Zooey Deschanel as Anastasia. Sure, she may be a bit older than the book says Ana is but I think she is perfect: Quirky, dark hair, big blue eyes, loveable, and quite innocent-like.

nonmember avatar Oriana

Alexander for sure. He epitomizes 'salaciousness' and has the 'grunt' factor. He would certainly capture the market for which the books are intended (not just young adults). He will have many getting all 'hot and bothered'. There is now even a Facebook page dedicated to supporting him in playing the part, 'Alexander Skarsgard to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey'.

V.b. Rock

NO!!!!!!!!!!!    Please, NO VAMPIRES. OMG so cliche! Get over it. And, Ian S. is dumb de-dumb dumb. Christian is smart, a young exec. NO VAMPIRES - ugh. Alex Pettyfer for Christian Grey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) as Ana. NO VAMPIRES!!!!!!!!!! So, annoying.

Laurel Isaak

Disagree on Ryan Gosling, I think he would be great, he already plays a similar character in Crazy, Stupid, Love. I also think Simon Baker from The Devil Wears Prada would make a great Christian, would also need to have a few wrinkles erased. For Ana, I think Alexis Bledel from Post Grad, Jennifer Biel, Ginnifer Goodwin, or Anne Hathaway (also would have to be doctored to be younger), and potentially Emma Stone.

Samantha Albert

I completely agree-NO KRISTEN STEWART, please!!

nonmember avatar Diane

Absofrekinlutely! He is exactly who I imagine in the role. Ana should be maybe Alexis Bedel or Emma Stone though Stone may be too old.

nonmember avatar Britney

Alexander fits the role so perfectly!! He's tall, has the flowing hair, long fingers, the looks. He's proven he can play the darker roles, but also he can play the softer sides to Christian! It's a no brainer! Ian shmian... he's too short!!! Watch him in True Blood! Eric = Christian!

nonmember avatar C

YOU HIT THE NAIL RIGHT ON THE HEAD!!!! Aleksander ALL the way! & you're right, PLEASE NO KStew!!!

nonmember avatar Alex for CG

I was just telling my husband that Alexander Skarsgard should be the one who plays Christain Grey without a doubt!!!

nonmember avatar Rose

I have thought Alexander Skarsgard for this part from the first time reading it. However, I think Christian Bale would also play the part well too! As for an actress, I have been thinking Selma Blair or Reese Witherspoon.

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