Alexander Skarsgard in '50 Shades of Grey' -- Please God, Please!

alexander skarsgard coachellaI'm dying. Seriously. I'm so totally dying. Alexander Skarsgard in Fifty Shades of Grey?!?!?!


Of course I would watch ASkars play absolutely any role -- plumber, bank teller, stuttering monk with a patch over one eye, ANY ROLE -- but bad boy with a taste for bondage Christian Grey?!

Skarsgard is so perfect for the part I can't even stand it. Even HE knows it! That's why his adorable ears perked up when he heard about the as-yet-uncast lead:

"He's got a sex chamber? My character has that on True Blood. He's got his little dungeon ... I was born to the play that part."


Ian Somerhalder? Puh-leeze. Chris Pine? Not even. Ryan Gosling? I'm not mad atchu, baby ... but nope.

Skarsgard. For. The. Win.

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Of course the obvious next question would be: Which actress is worthy of playing opposite ASkars as Christian's object of lust, Anastasia?

The answer? NO actress is worthy of such an honor. Hmph. But since the movie probably won't get made without a lead actress, I guess I'd have to suggest ... ummm ... yeah, sorry, can't think of anyone. And don't say Kristen Stewart -- she already has a vampire! No fair!

Do you think Alexander Skarsgard would be perfect in Fifty Shades of Grey?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Sidthe Sidthe

Alexander or Ian they have my vote. I'm sick of Rpatz dude is ugly with a freakishly large forehead...and well Kristin Stewart has like ONE facial expression.

MzSer... MzSeriously

lord above please!!!!! 

Allison Berry Barbieri

no, Ian, Ian, Ian...he oooozzzeesss sex! Everytime he gives an interview, everything he just comes out sexy..

nonmember avatar Jessica

we talked about this at work, Alex is perfect for Christian and what about Nina Dobrev of Vampire Diaries as Anastasia

Water... Water_geM

eew no...

henry cavill,baby.

Mary Beth Finnerty

Alex Skarsgard is perfect for this part. When I was reading the books, I kept seeing Alex with his hair dyed auburn. Remember when Ana thinks about Christian in his jeans/PJ bottoms "hanging off his hips?" Remember all the times you've see Alex in jeans hanging off his hips?

-Stra... -Strawberry-

I don't normally watch anything like that, but omg if he was in it, YES YES YES. And the Ian guy would be my next choice. 

Katt709 Katt709

Ian. He's smoldering! Alex just isn't hot IMO. And as long as its not Kristen as Ana all will be well. An unknown would be great I think.

Amy Jo Jackey

Like i said before ian,alexander or joesph morgan

nonmember avatar Jean McKenzie

As much as I love Mr. Skarsgard; he is totally hot, I think he is getting too old to play a 27 year old. I mean he is still smoking hot but he needs to stick with the 30 year old classy sex-god rolls.

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