Tear-Jerking 'Shake It Out' May Be the Best 'Glee' Cover Ever (VIDEO)

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'Glee' Shake it Out

I hopped on the Glee train about halfway through season one and have been hands down addicted ever since. With that said, I have to say that no contest last night's rendition of Florence + The Machine's "Shake it Out" sung by Mercedes, Santana, and Tina was the best song I've ever heard on the show. I know, bold statement. And yes, I watched Blaine sing "Somebody That I Used to Know" last week.

Why this song for BEST song? Well, I'll tell you one thing -- it's not just because of the powerful message of strength the girls were sending to Coach Beiste.

First things first, watch the "Shake it Out" performance:

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I'm gonna be real, watching this scene last night made me tear up. OK, that's a lie. I pretty much full-on bawled my eyes out. Maybe it could be because of the happenings in my life right now, but I'm gonna attribute it more so to the over-the-top epically brilliant performance. This song rocks because of the harmonies. This song rocks because of the sheer quality of the three voices involved. These are three very talented women who know how to use "their instrument," as my high school chorus instructor would say.

This performance brings me back to the reason I started to love Glee in the first place. Ryan Murphy and the crew did an amazing job casting this show from day 1. It's songs like this that make me hopeful that no matter who leaves come graduation day -- we'll still see fantastic performances in season 4.

What did you think of "Shake It Out"? Do you have a favorite performance from season 3?


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dilly... dillyboysmom

Unique- Boogie Shoes.  Sheer.  Awe.  Some.  Ness. 

I love Coach Bieste and this episode made me cry for her.


nonmember avatar kaerae

I haven't been watching, what's wrong with coach?

Crystal Achterkirch

Why did she go back? poor Coach.. and yeah the episode made me cry...

I suspect when graduation comes i'm going to be bawling

Sydney Taylor Cutrone

The sad part to me is that this story will probably not get a happy ending. Glee can't leave the story like this. He'll beat her again. Glee shouldn't promote a woman forgiving her boyfriend/husband for hitting her.

Amanda R. Horne

I agree that Ideally she should have left him, but then again that would have been unrealistic. Most women go back many times. The show is being realistic, and I was crazy said over it. We will see what will happen obviously, but I do not think that Glee was promoting that women should forgive their partner for this. The entire episode was talking about how she should leave, empowering women, it just showed what happens in real life.

Mocha... MochaCocoaBean

I loved this number, though I am having a hard time rating it above last week's acapella version of How Will I Know in the Whitney tribute.

nonmember avatar Kim

The thing I like best about this song is that they took three of the most under-utilized singers on the show, and created an emotionally charged, beautifully harmonized segment. BEST song of the series, agreed!

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