'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Myranda Can't Trust Her Mom

On 16 and Pregnant, one of the saddest shows yet aired Tuesday night. Myranda is just a kid who loved playing softball, but with her pregnancy, she became a soon-to-be teen mom with no one who wanted her.

Myranda's episode was made particularly hard because of drama with her own mother, an alcoholic who spent time in rehab.

One of the hardest scenes in this episode was when Myranda leaves her new baby with her mom (after not seeing her for weeks) and she can't get ahold of her all through dinner.

The result was fine. The baby was fine. But it was a terribly sad scene and such an unfortunate truth about so many of these young moms on this show. So few of them have capable parents themselves.

Oh I am sure the comments will be filled with happy young moms and teen moms who made it. And it's true that it isn't always a disaster and many young moms do manage to make a good life for themselves.

But the struggles these girls go through make it all seem so pointless. It was hard enough just being them. She has an alcoholic mom. Her boyfriend lives with his grandmother. Did the two of them REALLY need a baby on top of all that.

There is no doubt Myranda was a loving and attentive mom and no doubt she will adore her daughter and maybe even stay with the father. But it's just such an added burden and seems so unfair.

There is no money for the two of them with only the dad working and making so little. That means they will have to accept more childcare from Myranda's mom who has already had so many issues. It's a shaky situation to not be able to have quality, trustworthy child care and to be a mom when you are 30, let alone 16.

With all the cards already stacked against them, why this too? Sometimes this show is just too depressing to bear.

Did you think Myranda was going to be a good mom?


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16 & pregnant


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Cierra Miles

Can i watch this epiosde some where ? because i missed it and i cant waiit that loongg to watch it ...

nonmember avatar Tiffany

This is soooo true I love this show

Stevie Gravel

You can watch it on mtv.com


Mommy... MommyofDestiny

I kind of wanted to smack her when she was given a rent free house and all she could do was walk around saying how nasty it was.

nonmember avatar Superb

Boo hoo.

nonmember avatar Haley

This poor girl seems so depressed! I do think that she will be a good mom once she learns to relax a bit. I just hope she smiles more off the show than she did on. I do wish Myranda and Eric the best with their new baby!

nonmember avatar kaerae

Yeah, I don't know if it's just that we've seen so many episodes now, but it really DOES seem like they are getting so much sadder and harder to watch. Yes, teen moms who say they are doing well post here, but we all know the stats for how many of them will actually finish college, stay with the father, ever own a home; and they are STACKED against these kids. Yes, it's possible, yes there are always exceptions, but the vast majority will not fare well. It's probably for the best that the episodes have a more depressing tone the past couple seasons, perhaps they will actually make kids think about the reality rather than the Teen Mom version of raising a baby this young. I really like how some of these girls have been honest enough to admit that they love their babies but wish they had decided on adoption or abortion instead. If it makes kids think twice, it's a good thing.

nonmember avatar kaerae

@Cierra - MTV posts them on Wednesday mornings

nonmember avatar becca

I disagree with you when you call the baby a burden.. no child is a burden.. most of the time they aren't convenient but children aren't meant to be convenient. Yes it is hard to raise a baby as a teen mom but that's what happens when you make grown up choices and no protection. It just hurts me that you called this baby and the situation a burden..

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