Miley Cyrus as 'X-Factor' Judge? Make It Stop!

miley cyrusI have nothing against Miley Cyrus. I understand the girl hasn't had the easiest time growing up in the spotlight as a Disney tween sensation. (I know, I was there, in her trailer at her first concert as Hannah Montana, and she already seemed bitter and distrusting of the press.) But as far as thinking that she's got enough talent to make it BIG? Nooo way. Tabloid staple? Occasional reality show guest star (see: Punk'd)? Yes, yes. Britney/Gaga/Madonna-caliber pop icon, serious actress, or even ... judge on The X-Factor? Noooooo way.

But reportedly a source exclusively told Celebuzz that Miley's on Simon Cowell's short list of potential judges who would likely join Cowell, chairman of Epic Records L.A. Reid, and Britney Spears (whose $15 mil. deal isn't done yet, but seems inevitable). Are they kidding?! Gah!

cannot be the only one hearing "one of these things is not like the other ..." playing in my head right now. Spears has enough cred and experience under her belt to make a whole lotta sense as a judge on a pop singing show. L.A. Reid, obvious choice. Cowell too. But MILEY CYRUS??! (And apparently, Demi Lovato is on that short list, too. Uh, whaaaat?!) Cowell's also reportedly considering Avril Lavigne (vom) and Fergie (okay, makes sense).

Sure, Miley's fine for the fashion pages of Us Weekly and on the arm of a Hunger Games cutie or as Khloe Kardashian's buddy. Even as a star in the occasional summer popcorn flick. But her pop career -- which for the most part only appealed to a certain niche tween/teen demographic -- lasted about all of five seconds before fizzling out. ("Party in the U.S.A." was a good time, but "Can't Be Tamed"? Crrrinnge.) All in all, not as bad as LiLo's attempt, but nowhere close to legit pop star level.

The truth is that Miley simply doesn't have enough expertise to be a judge of a show like this. It's not an ageist thing, either. I'd totally get it if Simon wanted Justin Bieber, because he really is a self-made star who has enjoyed a lot of success. But Hannah Montana? Pleeeeeease. There's no doubt: If Cowell really cares at all about saving The X-Factor in its new incarnation, he'll steer far away from "having talks" with Miley. 

Do you think Miley Cyrus has what it takes to be an X-Factor judge?


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miley cyrus

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nonmember avatar Emily

I heard it was Demi Lovato not Miley for X-Factor. This is the first I've heard about Miley for the job but she's too busy with her projects. Demi would be perfect for the job and I'm not saying Miley wouldn't be either:)

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