Octomom Files for Bankruptcy But Plans to Fix It With Porn (VIDEO)

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It's only been a month since "Octomom" Nadya Suleman accepted $10,000 to pose topless, and earlier this year she revealed that she's been accepting $2,000 in food stamps each month from the state of California. But as you can imagine, those $520 hair treatments really add up, and Suleman has now filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

According to court documents, Suleman says she's between $500,000 and $1 million dollars in debt and can no longer keep up with the bills. She told E! News that filing Chapter 7 was a very difficult decision, but that "I have to do what is best for my children and I need a fresh start."

The good (?) news is, she may have finally changed her mind on doing porn! Because Octomom is nothing if not consistent in her ability to horrify the public.

She's also pretty consistent with being inconsistent, at least when it comes to personal declarations about what lines she refuses to cross as a single mom of 14 kids. Starting with the dubious decision to have fertility treatments in 2008 ("Was it a mistake to have IVF after having six children already? Yes, absolutely. Was I in my lucid state of mind? I don't know at that point."), Suleman has been weirdly optimistic about her own future … or more than a little delusional.

First she insisted that she would never raise her children with any kind of government assistance, but then she went on welfare. She also said, repeatedly, that she'd never do porn—despite the million-dollar offer she once received from Vivid Entertainment—but she's changed her tune on that subject too.

Suleman told HLN that she's so focused on providing a better life for her kids, she's now willing to be in an adult film:

If it's a job, and it's a well-paying job, and it's going to allow me to get us out of here and into a very safe huge home that (the children) deserve, then I'm going to do it. (…) if the opportunity comes up, I'll be the first to admit I'm gonna eat my words, because all that matters is that I can take care of my family.

However, she does have some porn ground rules she's unwilling to budge on. (Well, for now anyway.)

I wouldn't even kiss somebody for money. I would not kiss somebody. I wouldn't touch somebody.

TMZ is reporting that Suleman already has a porn in the works, which will be shot this summer. There's no word on what she's being paid for it, other than a rumor that it's "a lot more" than the $10K she made for posing topless.

As for how she's getting around her self-imposed "no touching" rule, apparently it's, um, a solo project. As in, a masturbation video.

Hindsight being 20/20, it's too bad Suleman didn't take that $1 million porn offer back in 2009, because assuming she didn't spend the whole check on Brazilian blowouts, she might have avoided this bankruptcy mess. Since then, her adult-film offers have declined in value—$500K when she was facing foreclosure on her home, $100K earlier this year—so whatever she's getting for this rumored video, it's probably not enough to buy a brand new home. Maybe it's enough for that fresh start she's hoping for … but I'm guessing this is hardly the last we'll hear from Octomom.

Meanwhile, if you're interested in talking with Suleman in person, you can always reach her at Dial-a-Star, for a mere $12 per minute:

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What do you think of the latest from Octomom? Are you surprised she's filed for bankruptcy?

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SuzyB... SuzyBarno

Nothing surprises me when it comes to this woman. That woman disgusts me!

Gilmo... GilmoreGirl29

This lady has issues... no amount of money is going to fix her, and porn is definitely not going to solve her problems. She clearly has money management problems, when she does interviews she seems smart, but she comes off as a pathological liar. She claims to do what's best for her kids, but I have yet to see her put that into action.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Intelligence and mental illness are tow separate issues. She is bright, but does have a mental illness as well as likely a personality disorder. She should be gettin psychiatric help, meds, and assistance with her children. It will save tax money in the long run, because, at the rate they're being "raised," the kids will end up in prison...

nonmember avatar Bruce

Oh WOW!. I can't wait. I'm sure that myself and at least 100 other guys would gladly pay FIVE whole CENTS each to watch this dog diddle herself (YAWN)!

Stevie Gravel

She purposley got pregnant with multiples with out a father, and didn't think she was gonna have to rely on daycare. Yeah right even if she did work a good paying fulltime job that would be enough to cover even the childcare cost, the food, the shoes, and all the other things a househole needs.

Stevie Gravel

rely on goverment assistance******


Monab... Monabookgirl

I almost blew past this one when I saw Octomom, but then when I realized Porn was in the mix I had to read. I knew it would be just a matter of time. She seems to need a lot of attention.

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