'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Ashlee Is Finally Out of There

Ashlee HolmesAt last. After way too much heartache and pandering, Jacqueline Laurita finally sent her daughter, Ashlee Holmes, packing on The Real Housewives of New Jersey tonight. After too much partying and too little doing anything else, Jacqueline and her husband Chris had it and found some relatives in Las Vegas for Ashlee to go live with until she figured out her life.

Only they had to get her on a plane first. Of course, in typical dramatic, annoying Ashlee style (she thinks she's Ke$ha, Albie observed), she couldn't even get on her plane -- mainly because she was looking for some donuts it seems. So it was back home (with a smug attitude I wanted to swipe off of her face) for another round of goodbyes the next day when Chris himself made sure she got on the plane. Good riddance! The question is: Will it help?

Las Vegas doesn't exactly sound like the best place for someone with Ashlee's problems (she admitted to drinking Nyquil with a straw!), though on the positive side, her new, bleach blonde hair and big old pumped-up lips will probably blend pretty well there in Sin City. Ultimately, I just hope it means we don't have to watch her and her whiny little attitude anymore.

The end scene with Jacqueline looking through Ashlee's baby book was heartbreaking, however. "You never know what their future is going to be when they’re little," she said through her tears. No, I guess we don't. After all, do you think Teresa Giudice's mom ever thought Teresa would be the mess she is? Her second "apology" tonight was as delusional as it was awkward. The insight she offered into the world of publishing (that the acknowledgements are a BIG deal) was just priceless, however, don't you think? Yeah, me neither.

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Meanwhile, Melissa Gorga set out to prove she was no gold digger by writing a song for her husband, Joe. "This life that I’m living right now is a dream come true, so what I did is took all of these things that I’m feeling and made a ballad." Joe was moved, and then just wanted to poison her even more.

The biggest question of the night: Why didn't Bravo film (or show us?) the scene in which Joe Giudice grabbed Rich Wakile's cojones and ended up bloodied and bruised? That sounds like must-see TV to me.

Do you think Jacqueline was right to kick Ashlee out? Do you think it will help? What did you think of Teresa's apology?


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Gloria Bermingham

Ashlee is a moron. I cant believe her parents havent kicked her ass yet. It must be an act, cuz no one is that stupid. Well maybe Teresa is. She cant make a move without her fat husbands approval. Yes I am glad she has left although Vegas is not the right place. DeMoines Ia is the right place, or Spokane, Wa or somewhere in Montana. Anywhere without a nite life., or tatoo parlors or drugstores where they sell Nyquil..


Dee Knowlton

yes,Jacqueline was right on.The little spoilt birdie needs 2 b pushed from the nest.I don't think she will b sorry later,maybe now Ashly will have to grow up.Now for Teresa,well u know,she is such a retard she thinks all is well,unicorns & rainbows!!!And her husband is worse,he is a full of himself idiot!!

BlueD... BlueDogMom

What's with the hate towards Vegas? Way to stereotype.

Jscot... Jscott1216

Soo happy Ashley's gone! Spoiled, whiney, lazy little brat! Time for her to grow up!!! And teresa! Ugh! What a phony ass self centered person. It is do clear her hubby is full of it and is controlling her. He's so gross!!!!

nonmember avatar purplejay

I'm really surprised that you didn't mention how Joe Guidice was talking to his daughters when he was at home with them. He said that he would beat their ass a few times. Gia seems more mature than her father! She was watching her little sisters and taking care of them. Joe really sucks.

Laurlev Laurlev

Ashley should have been kicked out a long time ago.

Angie Galaviz Harris

Glad to see that ugly, ungrateful little witch gone! Teresa, poor Teresa..got alot to deal with. Joe the way he was talking to his girls, no I don't approve but hey the guy was fed up!

nonmember avatar Nicola

Let's get real here Ashelys biggest flaw is she reminds Jaqueline of her self end of story. She is her mothers daughter.

nonmember avatar Darlene Lyons

The whole show is becoming very boring and nauseating

nonmember avatar Darlene Lyons

The whole show is becoming very boring and nauseating

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