6 (Former) Hollywood Hunks With Puffy Plastic Surgery Faces (PHOTOS)

Pauly DCeleb plastic surgery disasters aren't limited to the ladies of La La Land. Of course under-the-knife nightmares are more common in women, but that's just because they've got more modifiable body parts (boob jobs have yet to catch on with dudes, it seems). 

For the boys, it's all about saving (more like destroying) face. Which is such a shame, really -- guys usually get better with age anyway -- but sadly, there's no shortage of famous men with messed-up mugs out there.

Most recent case in point: Pauly D. Pawleeee! What did you do to yourself?

And why do these guys look so swollen? Did they all go to the same doc and ask for The Puff Daddy?

Boys, boys, boys ... wrinkles and jowls and baggy eyes aren't so bad. Really! Check out this ghoulish gallery and tell me ...

Why do you think male celebs always end up with puffy plastic surgery faces?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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linzemae linzemae

Hunks? Hmmm... Not so sure about that

nonmember avatar Jessica

I don't think Gary Busey has had plastic surgery. I think it is surgery from his motorcycle accident.

Kritika Kritika

butterflyfreak stop being so stingy with the data useage lol...  :)

elle7777 elle7777

So his face looks a little puffier. I don't think this is a result of plastic surgery, but water retention from medication/drugs.

froggy80 froggy80

Pauly D's face looks like mine after a day at the beach... puffy, tight, & tired.

froggy80 froggy80

...and totally agree w ButterflyFreak. I have unlimited data, but these slideshows totally suck on a phone. If I'm not home on WiFi, I just don't do it.

Stacey. Stacey.

Why do you guys insist on the stupid slideshows!?!?! You, know, some people want to read these stories on their smartphones but DON'T want to have to pay for every single picture with data usage.

It's called the unlimited data plan, get one! I went over my usage one time, that was enough for me!

nonmember avatar J

even on a desktop these slideshows suck!!! it takes forever to load a new page on this site

linzemae linzemae

My phone does just fine with the slideshows.

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