Men Are Reading '50 Shades of Grey' Too -- Obviously

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Hey, ladies, are you reading Fifty Shades of Grey? Is it getting you all hot and bothered? Is it steaming up your bedroom? Hope so. But have you also noticed the bookmark in a different place than where you left it? Well, word has it that hubby could be the culprit. Believe it or not, men like Fifty Shades too. Duh!

While it’s true that women read the vast majority of romance, self-help, and relationship books, men do read all of the above sometimes. Nope, they’re not just reading books on how to sand wood floors and how to pick the perfect fixed-income fund.

Yep, believe it or not, men don’t mind reading about kinky sexual hijinks, bondage, and sex toys. Whodathunk? A few of them even claim to not really be into that stuff at all, but into the emotional aspects of the book. No, seriously! There is at least one dude -- his name is Jeremiah Worth, and he’s an Iraqi war vet -- who admitted:

I became emotionally invested in the love story, especially from the female's perspective. It was overwhelming, and I'll never forget it.

He was even so moved by the story that he was inspired to write to the author, E.L. James, who was so surprised that a straight dude read her book that she responded.

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Anyway, I don’t see why this is such a shocker. Women read Westerns. Guys read chick-lit.

Isn't it nice to know you have more in common with your guy than you thought? Maybe you want to spice it up now and take turns reading from Fifty Shades to each other. And what about casting of the inevitable Fifty Shades movie? What does hubby think? Robert Pattinson: Too obvious? Zac Efron: Too teenage-y?

Then the two of you can get really crazy and post an Amazon review together. Oh yeah.

Is your man reading Fifty Shades of Grey? Guys, chime in.

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lifeh... lifehappy

Whoever that guy is from the York Peppermint Patty commercial...he's the perfect Christian Grey. PERFECT!

nonmember avatar Snooki

Its not romance, its perversion.

Nancy Heaton Kenny

the books suck!!!!!!! The woman who are loving reading these books obviously have led very sheltered lives and havent had enough sex.

nonmember avatar me

Ughh, Nancy Heaton Kenny, am I gonna be disappointed if I read it? Is similiar to people getting all excited over Cosmo, you read it and ask yourself why the hell people get all excited about the "new, wonderful" sex when it's all old hat?

Water... Water_geM

they need cavil as 50....


Water... Water_geM

as for the books,steele kind of annoys me..i like her sub concious better than her.

Patsy Moler

poorly written (think 4th grade reading level)shallow/annoying charactors, really dumb dialog, and silly sex. Read 'The Story of O' for some real 'heat'

nonmember avatar RMmeeee

I think it is very steamy...there is alot of sex. I bought the first one and was like, "ok, I'll buy the next one if it's good"...well the first one ended in a cliff hanger so I had I am on the third one and I am invested in the characters...I can't really see this being a movie unless its soft porn. Very Risque.

Water... Water_geM

it could be an hbo mini series...hbos motto: never to far!

nonmember avatar Victoria

From what I have read about this book, I question the wisdom of those reading this book. When did sadism and masochism become okay? Physical abuse is WRONG and celebrating a book that endorses such soulless behavior is WRONG both psychologically and morally.

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