'Survivor' Player Bashes Her Special Ed Students on TV & Should Kiss Her Job Goodbye

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On Survivor contestant Alicia Rosa's bio page, she says she dislikes bad manners, and that she's both educated and intelligent. Which is funny, because if you've watched a single episode of the show this season, the special education teacher from Chicago comes across as an exceedingly bad mannered person, and as for her intellect … well, call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure insulting her students on national television was a stupid thing to do.

It seems like when people go on reality shows, they get so caught up in the possibility of fame they forget that everything they say is fodder for the cameras. Maybe Alicia didn't mean to offend her special ed students, but the moment was forever captured during last night's Survivor.

In a mostly ho-hum season, this was the first time my jaw legitimately hit the floor. Alicia's comment during the show not only ensures she'll be forever disliked by parents of special ed students, she's likely going to get some serious flak at her job.

In other words, Alicia Rosa better win that million bucks, because I'm thinking her current career path doesn't exactly have the brightest of futures.

Alicia's comment was made directly to Survivor cameras during last night's episode, while she was mocking fellow player Christina Cha. I won't give you the whole tedious backstory on what was going on, but basically Alicia was ragging on Christina for being too dumb to realize her alliance was using her.

Here's what Alicia said:

Christina's IQ is probably a zero … I don't know if that even exists. I mean, I'm a special ed teacher, so uh, I handle Christina as one of my students. And she's gonna do whatever we tell her to do.

That's an exact quote, too, because I just suffered through CBS's evil ad-laden full episode video to re-watch the scene. (It's at 31:26 of Episode 11 'Never Say Die' if you can stand the bazillion commercials CBS makes you watch in order to fast-forward the show.)

It seems I wasn't the only viewer to be shocked by Alicia's comments last night, because comments have been popping up around the web today:

What kind of teacher, let alone a special ed teacher, mocks their students on national television like that

Alicia is a disgrace to the teaching profession. How can you belittle your special education students like you have?

Hopefully she's unemployed when the season finishes airing because, damn, that was insensitive.

Alicia strikes me as a bully, and I hate to think of how she acts in the classroom. I think she is in for a rude awakening when she shows up for work...

How is Alicia even allowed near special needs children? I've never heard a special ed teacher who is so demeaning towards perceived weaknesses, or generally bigoted statements as she. If my child were in her class, I'd yank him/her out. My parents were both educators- one of them dealt with learning disabilities. The other hired/fired teachers, and I can't imagine Alicia would have lasted long in that school... I hope the parents revolt and require the school district to protect the kids she's around- they don't deserve that sort of belittlement - and if she claims to not display it to them, she's horribly misinformed about the sensitivity to nonverbal cues in many special needs kids. Her teaching certificate should be yanked.

I can't say what kind of teacher she normally is, but I can say that if my kid was in her class, I'd be asking for a transfer, stat. If I hadn't already done so, that is, because Alicia has pretty much come across as a looney-tunes bully from day one.

If Alicia Rosa ever does address her comment, she'll probably blame it on the editing or the way Survivor producers chose to portray her. Sucks to be her. Except for the part where any fool—even one who claims she's destined to win this season "because of my good looks and I will show everyone how powerful I can be by using them to my advantage"—should know by now that reality shows love controversy. If you're dumb enough to say it, you can't expect it to end up on the cutting room floor.

Of course, maybe Alicia has no intention of returning to her teaching job after her brief reality show stardom. Her Facebook page says that she's "an up-and-coming artist to keep your eyes on," who "excels on stage." So maybe this whole Survivor gig is just a stepping stone to her next big thing: Celebrity Rehab. Oh, excuse me, I mean a film or television vehicle worthy of her nearly incomprehensible beauty and talent.

What do you think of Survivor contestant Alicia Rosa's comment? Do you think it was harsh enough to affect her job as teacher?

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Mary Renner

When I was watching it last night...the second it came out of her mouth, I was like "Wha? She's a special-ed teacher?!" She's a MORON! That was no fancy editing, she's been down right awful the entire season!

katyq katyq

I dont see what the big deal is.

nonmember avatar Melsi

I haven't been able to stand her from Day 1! She makes teachers-especially Special Education teachers-look bad. She is everything opposite of what a good teacher should be. And as for her self-proclaimed "good looks"...hope girlfriend wins so she can buy herself a mirror and see how delusional she is.

Jennifer Gainer Wildeboer

I don't watch the show, but I am a special ed teacher.  I'm not offended by the comment.  Good grief, special ed teachers put up with so much from being the rejects of the school (for not being "real" teachers) to having to jump through governmental hoops, let the woman blow off some steam. 

I make ridiculous comments with my friends (not on camera, but she may not have been thinking about the cameras because they're always there), and I feel like I've earned the right to joke about something like that because A.  I have dedicated my whole career to loving and caring for those kids, and B.  Good grief, if you can't laugh, you're just going to cry. 

JoAnne McMaster

To the person who said, "I don't see what the big deal is": It's a VERY big deal. Maybe you don't have kids or don't like them, but parents generally don't want their kids mistreated. Any teacher who would make such a comment does not have the best interests of the student at hand. I feel very sorry for you if you have so little compassion for the children who can't speak up for themselves. When she said that 'off the cuff', so to speak, she showed herself for what she is: a person who doesn't care about the needs or education of her students. Anyone that self-centered needs to get out of the teaching profession NOW.

nonmember avatar Lyne

Yes- her comments were dreadful-I am a special needs teachers awful. Yet it seems as though because of her lack of education it make it ok for everyone else to now call her names? She is going to be on celebrity rehab, she is ugly and talented and a moron ? This column uses her poor choices to open a forum to bully this woman!? It's never ok to speak badly of someone! What about the judgement of hurling the first boulder? Who has not maken a mistake? I am sorry I became a fan of this page. We use these moments as teachable moments - this column is dark and sarcastic over a reality tv show? Name calling is indignified no matter who does it

Stephanie Per Due Sumulong

Here is what I wrote on the Survivor FB page last night: "I am seriously disturbed by what Alicia said tonight about special education students. This woman has no business being a teacher, let alone a special education teacher. I can tell you right now that if she told my son, who has Down syndrome, to "do what I tell you to do", that would be the last time she ever opened her mouth. I hope that someone who works in her school or district saw the show tonight and takes action against her. She is a disgrace to the profession and a disgrace for a human being. I pray that she will not win the money because she should not be rewarded for being such a horrible person” For the woman who claims to be a special education teacher and who commented that you don't think it was a big deal and that you feel you've earned the right to joke about our special education students.....you deserve to be fired too.

MamaM... MamaMandee

She has been nothing but nasty all season long!! 

nonmember avatar Disgusted mom

Her comments were unprofessional and unnecessary. There is no game play in mentioning your students. Alicia chose to make her life public. Her students and families did not. It took 2 phone calls to find out where she worked. Any childs IQ or disability is not a joke. And that is the comment she made last night. This is to the "special ed teacher" that thinks this is ok. Glad you don't teach in my school district.

Knicknac Stepro

Ok... so students shouldn't do what their teachers tell them? All students or just retarded or autistic students get to not have to obey in class. Why *conflate* 'do what i say'  it to mistreatment? There was no mention of anything like that. Like none of you are ever contemptuous toward your customers/your bosses *in private* at work and professional in their presence? and yeah, she was unwise to say that as she's not in a private situation (and she forgot that- the cameras became fixtures) and folks are such sanctimonious a$$wipes these days who judge others never looking in a mirror.  I'm guessing when one of you needs heart surgery your not going to ask if the doctor has contempt towards his patients (believe me, most do- just not to your face). You are going to look for a doc who does the job well. And none of you know how she does her job. 

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