Lindsay Lohan Hits 'Glee' Set & Restores Our Faith in LiLo (PHOTO)


lindsay lohan gleeWho here is rooting for a major comeback for LiLo? Anyone? Anyone? Well I am! And I think she's on a roll. Or if not a roll, a quarter-turn that shows promise. Sure she supposedly showed up late to the set of Glee for her guest appearance. But what do you expect? Girl is a work in progress, as we all know.

The important thing is that her first day with Glee seems to have gone well. Photos of Lohan on set show her smiling. She's looks pretty relaxed, don't you think? Not doped-up relaxed, having a good day relaxed. Is it naive of me to believe La Lohan is finally getting her career mojo back?


She definitely showed up with a great attitude (whenever it was that she showed up). She told Access Hollywood the night before, "I’m kind of nervous, but it’s tomorrow. [It] should be a fun shoot and it was fun the first day and everyone on the set’s really nice ... I feel really lucky ... everyone’s really sweet and it’s been really fun."

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And while no one is in a rush to deny that she was late, her rep was quick to say from the set that she didn't cause a delay. "I am on the set with Lindsay right now, and everything is going well and on schedule."

Super. Solid-enough performance on SNL last months where she killed in Real Housewives of Disney. So far so good with Glee. And I have my fingers crossed for the Liz Taylor biopic. You can do it, LiLo! You can do it!

Come on, Lindsay. Sing with me. YOU'RE GONNA MAKE IT AFTER ALL!

Do you think Lindsay Lohan is getting her career back on track?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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