Octomom Is Using Her Welfare Money for INSANE Things (VIDEO)

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octomomIt'll be a cold day in hell before Nadya Suleman, AKA Octomom, wins over the public. For real. So, you know how the mom of 14 recently went on welfare because she was dangerous close to "becoming totally destitute"? Well, shockingly, she's using that money for things other than essentials. Like, $520 hair treatments. For real.

A hairstylist recently visited Suleman's house -- which is reportedly completely gross -- to perform a haircut and a Brazilian Blowout on her. Before leaving, Octo cut the stylist a $520 check for the services rendered. Oh, and she bought some products, too. When the stylist got the hell out of there, she went to the cops to report Octomom -- because, dude, you have no idea the disturbing things she saw.

Apparently, while the stylist was there -- the stylist who made almost $600! -- Suleman turned away a plumber who wanted to charge her $150 to fix the pipes in her house, saying it was too expensive. And because of her refusal to do so, her kids -- all of 'em -- are forced to go to the bathroom in portable toilets in the backyard. WTF?! Also, while she was getting her hair cut and styled, Octo locked her kids in a bedroom -- and there's a really effed up photo to prove it!

I mean, I can't. What is this woman's problem? If she's not going to be a responsible person for the sake of her family, dagnabbit, she should be a responsible person for the sake of her image. (She's obsessed with her image, isn't she?) This lady is all over the place. Maybe she should have used that $520 to pay for a PR manager. First, she deals with a home foreclosure, then she's posing nude, now this? No one will ever in a million trillion years be on her side if she continues this irresponsible, downright gross behavior. Especially the tax payers of California, who are contributing to this yahoo's welfare.

Check out a video on Octomom's posing nude for "rent money":

Do you think Octomom should be on welfare?


Image via Pacific Coast News


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Heath... HeatherMazzone

With all those kids and no baby daddy around, is anybody really surprised the kids aren't being properly taken care of? Cps should take those kids from that psycho. I don't think I've even spent that much money on my hair in my entire life, much less at one freaking time. Who does she think she is? Besides her hair isn't gonna make her face look any better. Just sayin.

AHowa... AHoward66

This is so wrong. On so many levels. One, how she's living with her children, they should be taken away. Two, her blatant misuse of her welfare money is fraud and she should be brought up on charges for it. She is committing welfare fraud. It's situations like this that make people think all welfare recipients are low lives that are cheating the system.

butte... butterflymkm

Screw the welfare fraud (which isn't okay by a long shot), the more important thing is the treatment of her children! Wtf? She obviously needs help that she can not afford. I don't like the idea of separating children from their mother if it can at all be avoided but in this case I think it's way past time for some help. Wether that is programs and education or foster care. I do hope they can keep the kids with some of their siblings. Sigh. Just an effed up situation all around and I fear those kids are doomed. Look for a tell all in about 20 years.

the4m... the4mutts

That is incredibly sad. She needs to have those children taken.

butte... butterflymkm

Blh-I think that doctor did lose his liscense.

And yes food stamps can only buy food but I believe she gets disability checks for some of her older children with developmental problems. I doubt she is getting cash assistance (what most people classically think of as welfare) because you HAVE to be working a certain number of hours to recieve it unless you have children under 1. Unless she found a way to get unemployment.

momav... momavanessa

She should not. Take her kids away from her. As  a Californian I would rather pay taxes for taking care of the children only. Not her fake butt!

momav... momavanessa

@Butterfly  I am pretty sure if she has a doctor's excuse then they will not make her work and still give her cash aid. At least her in CA

Even though we all know she can work!!

libby261 libby261

Why hasn't she been declared an unfit mother already and the kids placed up for adoption?  I know it sounds heartless, but seriously can't something be worked out so that the families remain in contact so the siblings will grow up together but in stable homes?  This chick is a train wreck!

Karen Dowling-Barth

The Washington Post stated LA HABRA, Calif. — Police and California child welfare officials who visited Nadya Suleman’s home after someone claimed that her 14 children were living in squalor say they did not find evidence that the children are in any danger.

La Habra police Sgt. Daniel Barnes says officers and Orange County Department of Family and Children’s Services officials examined Suleman’s home in Southern California on Tuesday and did not find anything unusual.  

I believe them over TMZ any day!!!

Karen Dowling-Barth

I do think it is wrong for her to spend that much money on a haircut!!

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