'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Jordan & Tyler Have Bigger Problems Than a Baby

One of the things that all of the 16 and Pregnant shows have in common is the reliance on parents. This episode with Jordan was no different. But in this case, the parents (or, more accurately, the mother) only make things harder.

Jordan's mom may want the best for her. But she spent the beginning of the episode insulting Jordan's boyfriend (and the baby's father), making all kinds of "rules" for how much time they could spend together and finally threatening not to sign for the epidural.

Tyler's parents SEEMED great until Jordan's mom came around and allowed Tyler to come over. And then they got weird, too.

In many ways, it's hard to blame them.

When you have a 16- or 17-year-old, you start to leave those baby years in the past. Even now, I have a 3- and 5-year-old and I am feeling done with the baby years.

It's hard to imagine going back to the beginning. But if I WERE willing to do so if my own child was having a baby, I would sure as hell expect my kid to allow me to be different than a regular grandparent.

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After all, these babies live with the teen who presumably, more often than not, lives with her parents. Sorry, but that right there makes it a different kind of relationship.

Even more than that, these teens are kids themselves. Any parent may feel "done" with the baby years, but still will always see their child as their baby, especially when that child hasn't even graduated from high school.

I am not defending the bad parental behavior we saw on Jordan's show. Clearly they were being selfish, but I do feel for any parent whose teen comes home pregnant. It isn't what any parent wants for their child and only they know just how hard the road ahead will really be.

Of course they will interfere and want to offer advice and set limits. They don't stop being a parent just because their baby has a baby. No 16-year-old without a baby would be allowed to sleep in the same room as her boyfriend or see a boy her parents hate, right? So how is Jordan different just because she got pregnant?

There is no easy way to parent a child for his or her whole life.

Did you think Jordan's mom was being unfair?


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16 & pregnant


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tiny_... tiny_mama

Her mom was a racist douchebag and I wanted to throat punch her.. If she *the mom* was my sister, I would've gone off on her, and told those kids they could come and stay with me. It's one thing to set limits, it's another thing to be like.. "He's not coming over because he's white.."..  *paraphrasing*.. Just ridiculous.

nonmember avatar Porcha m

The mom did rub me the wrong way until the crib was taken. She did turn around and when she realized her child would be away with her grand baby. I don't see her as a full racist but to see Jordan and how friendly and upbeat she was and to see her boyfriend/baby daddy Tyler and how he was just I guess I can say the total opposite. Guess her mom meant someone who matched her daughter. As for her mom being a mom. She came around and it seemed as if Tyler couldn't get his way then he was out all together. What if Jordan would have stayed with him and he did that to her. Walked out and stayed gone while she lived with his family. I believe Jordan did the right thing to stay with her mom b/c family is best. Tyler dropped the ball by not calling at least for the kid. His parents made excuses. Sad that her mom was right about tyler in the end.

tiny_... tiny_mama

You have valid points... I feel like there's something in every episode that pisses me off. lol

SexyD... SexyDiva19

Her mom was completely out of line! Who cares if he's white, black or purple? While she was pregnant he acted like a father should act, there with her and at the delivery. I see nothing wrong with that.

As far as them taking the crib I don't blame them I probably would have done the same thing if I were in that situation. It was a crib that was bought by him (or his parents) so he had every right to take it.

After her mom left the nasty voicemail and then apologized I think she brainwashed her daughter into thinking her son's father was bad or no good. Her mom told her "don't be so forgiving when/if he doesn't show up" UH HELLO! You seriously told your daughter this after ranting and cussing her out on the phone.

Her mom screwed everything up! and then her brother tried to go after him? Are you serious? It pissed me off big time!

Mrscj... Mrscjones

At the beginning she was an ass. But she finally came around and even told him he can spend the night when she first got home with the baby. She made the necessary steps for Tyler to be in his child's life he used past actions as an excuse to not be there and in the process proved to Jordan that her mom was right the whole time. Which hurts more since she was willing to go against her mom for him.

Missy... Missy2921

I don't think her mom messed things up but Tyler proved we right. He was so determined when Jordan was willing to leave her family and talk about her mom. Your mom will always be your mom, good or bad but her mom put her feelings aside and told Tyler she would welcome him in. Being 16 and having a baby are 2 hard things. I'm in my late 20's and couldnt dream of not speaking to my mom while having a baby. Her mom stepped up big time. My only thing with all these girls are their desperate need to build to a family. They have one but just not a traditional one. Who even has a traditional family these days?

nonmember avatar Realistic

Jordan's mom was a master manipulater, she realized that Jordan was seriously going to take the baby to Tyler's house and decided to change her game. She immediately started playing the friend to Jordan and turned Jordan against Tyler. Jordan started to resent Tyler, it showed, he felt it, he responded by avoiding them. Makes since considering Jordan started acting like her mom, and even Jordan always avoided the same situation. Anyone who thinks that mom turned around, is incredibly stupid, she was a shit stirring vindictive bia who was going to make it turn out the way she wanted no matter what she had to do. Sick sick sick!

Bruic... Bruickson

What a racist b*tch! "You ain't in no white person home". If you don't think that makes her a "full racist" you are sadly mistaken. Obviously Tyler was uncomfortable being around her family and that's why he wasn't coming around. But I do think he was wrong for not being there anyway. He shouldn't let that horrible woman's attitude keep him from his son!

Shay Breezy

I agree. The mother was a racist bitch who should get punched in the fucking face -.- SMDH! and tyler wouldnt go over BECAUSE he was SUPER uncomfortable around that stupid racist controlling bitch. And the mom got jordan to go against Tyler. IT WAS SUPER OBVIOUS. It pissed me off SOOOO BAD! -_____-

nonmember avatar Vicky

What a nasty person that awful mother is!! How dare she talk about how ugly her daughters boyfriend is!!!! I hope she finds this so she can know just how literally ugly she is to everyone that watches the show! LOOK in the mirror you FAT UGLY mess of a woman!! Your child's mistakes are a reflection of just how shitty of a parent you are!! And your sons running after a teen, trying to jump him!! That's a disgrace! That FAT ASS must have a complex with just how white she looks, to have become such a RACIST bitch!! Way to fit the stereotype momma!! And that poor poor baby is gonna be raised to continue the disgusting pattern of racism in that tiny condo!!! Even though the baby is for sure going to look more white than anything!! Please let that father get custody of his baby!! And the baby's mom is an idiot!! Hello little girl, one more year of school and you will at least have a diploma! We know it's hard, but a lot of the other girls on the show seem to have been able to do it! Get off your lazy ass and figure some shit out, or keep your legs crossed!!..... Wow I hope she gets on birth control so she will not continue to bring more children that are unfortunate enough to grow up learning how to hate white people!!!!!! That's the last thing America needs!!! What an upsetting episode!!

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