'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Pussycat Prayers

Gretchen RossiWell, that was a tease. Tonight on The Real Housewives of Orange County, we thought we were finally going to see Gretchen Rossi flop in front of half of Las Vegas when she sang with the Pussycat Dolls. Instead we just saw more build-up and her horrific practice session.

I suppose it could go either way, but I feel like we're being led to believe she's going to suck by the previews. Which probably means she'll pull it off just fine, though I'm not sure exactly how. Singing on a stage with a microphone is different than singing in your shower, really? Alexis Bellino did pray over her though right before she hit the stage in her boob-baring outfit, so there's always that.


Surprisingly, all of the Housewives were there in Vegas along with their men, ready for her big night -- even Vicki Gunvalson, who turned over a happy new leaf. Her strategy was to confuse them with kindness, but her man Brooks Ayers confused everyone even more with his bizarre ramblings of love for her. Seriously, what the hell was that?

Meanwhile, Alexis Bellino continued to cement her title as The Most Annoying Real Housewife of All Time. It was awesome to see her reaction when Gretchen told her that the news channel had asked her to do Alexis's TV segment first, and -- even better -- that they keep asking her to do it. Gretchen also laughed when she saw Alexis's bumbling performance (ha!), and nicely suggested she might need a coach.

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Alexis, of course, blamed Gretchen's reaction on Tamra Barney. "The old Gretchen who wasn’t friends with Tamra would have been more supportive. I felt like it was killing her to be happy for me." I think it was more killing her because she was so embarrassed for you, honey, but keep thinking positive.

At least Alexis took her suggestion about getting a coach to heart. Jim "The Chin" Bellino (as Tamra hilariously dubbed him after his oh-so-apparent chin implant) didn't take so kindly to that and gave Alexis a stern lecture about her priorities.

Alexis actually showed a little bit of backbone ... but only to the camera: "I don’t want to be a stay-at-home mom now. I have a career now. It’s important to me, so you’re gonna have to deal with it." I can only imagine what Jim's going to say when he sees that. He did end up joining the group in Vegas, which was at least something.

Meanwhile everyone else is getting more suspicious of Alexis's lavish lifestyle amidst so many reports of their financial problems. Tamra wondered how she and Jim seem to have a new car every 21 hours. "Is that how long it takes to repo?" Oh yes, she did.

Heather Dubrow said it all feels like a facade with Alexis. "I can’t stand people who are phony," she said. Those two are so going to clash at some point soon, and Jesus Barbie is going to go down.

And really, besides the TMI conversation at dinner in which Alexis announced she rode to the hospital with Jim's sperm between her legs for fertility treatments, not a whole lot else of interest happened during this episode. It was a lot of hype, and little happening. Next week we'll find out if Gretchen flops or rocks, and hopefully something more interesting than Alexis getting a bad makeup job will happen.

Do you think Gretchen will be able to pull off the Pussycat Dolls performance? Can you recall a Real Housewife who's more annoying than Alexis Bellino?


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