'Teen Mom' Mugshots: A Precious Photo Album of MTV's Most Troubled Stars

Jenelle EvansHere's the thing about Teen Mom. People love to hate on the MTV reality show. But what do we know about television? Oh right, we watch it for entertainment. And boy do these Jenelle Evans, Amber Portwood, and the whole gang keep us entertained!

Ok, so it's not always in the most positive of ways. Their path to fame is littered with mugshots and arrests. And here they are! Here's a look at some of the worst tangles with the law by Evans and Portwood, plus some surprise appearances by some other Teen Mom favorites. Any guesses who's the worst offender?

Well, it looks like Jenelle is queen of the mugshots, although Amber has her own doozies. And we should note these were just a FEW of Kieffer's arrests ... sad, but true.

What do you wish you could say to these Teen Mom stars about their brushes with the law?


Image via MTV

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Mrs.K... Mrs.Keelin

in ever shot janelle looks happier and happier.. she is such a good mother and role model for her son :)

buffa... buffalove23

^please tell me this is scarasm

nonmember avatar emily

i thought all of these were going to be jenelle hahaha

2many... 2manydiapers

I love how on a mom site, so many women feel entitled to be rude and call names about other moms and teens. Either teen mom or 16 & pregnant its always pointing out every single flaw. Sad isnt it how we teach our children how its not nice to bully, yet a whole site full of grown women mothers in fact have nothing better to do it seems.

nonmember avatar Leslie

Actually, I think it is pretty sad and I agree with the above comment. Grown women ridiculing little girls who came from bad homes. A baby doesn't stop addiction, nor does a baby come with an instruction book on how to be that perfect mother. It is easy to believe that these girls should just grow up or just straighten up for ttheir chillds sake, but that's not how it works. My first week in rehab, they told me tthat I had to put my sobriety in front of my children. I didn't grasp that concept til much later, and it is indeed true. As mothers, it goes against our very beliefs to put anything before our children. But without my sobriety, I wouldn't have my children. I wish these girls the best of luck, and I pray they learn these lessons before it is too late.

Maria Tobias-Molina

I really hope these girls get their acts together... I was a teen mom and it took me awhile to get into the full role and responsibility of the Job but I did it and with the help and support of my family and husband things worked out well. Being a mom is never easy being a teen mom is even harder but we have to grow up sometimes and try to teach our own kids right from wrong and lead by example... I wish them the best for them and their kids.

Daniella Ivette Mendoza

Leslie & 2manydiapers: They brought it upon themselves to be ridiculed. No one asked them to behave that way. So, they had it coming. 

Missy... MissyMegs

I watched a few episodes of Teen Mom. It's quite sad seeing these teen mom's being so defiant. They need pull themselves together. Better yet. Stop bailing out Janelle... She needs more time in jail then this constant arrest after arrest. She isn't going to take it seriously if she know's she keeps getting out. 

2many... 2manydiapers

So the brought it upon themselves to be made fun of? Cant anyone use that reasoning and still be nothing more then a bully?

Manda Lynn

Being an addict, being in an abusive relationship, those things aren't things that just happen to teen moms. These young women put themselves in a situation that we all get to see their struggles publicly, but I would bet if we followed older moms around we would see some of this too! These girls have it doubly hard, because they are trying to navigate the adult world that they don't really fit into, and then having every mistake put on TV. Not that I'm condoning their actions, but it seems sad to me that we're nasty to them instead of trying to find them help in a tough situation.

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