Angelina Jolie Is Too Busy Saving the World to Care What Chelsea Handler Says (VIDEO)

angelina jolieY'know, the thing of it is, I'm a big Chelsea Handler fan. But I'm a huge Angelina Jolie fan, and no matter how much hate mail I get from Team Jen (I'd rather not "die in a fire," thank you very much), I'm going to keep on pointing out Miss Jolie's many virtues. Case in point: Guess how Angie spent her weekend? Not shopping. Not lying by the pool. Nope.

Angelina Jolie spent the weekend visiting Ecuador as special envoy for the U.N. refugee agency (her first trip to Ecuador since her special envoy appointment, but her third trip to "assess the situation" of the thousands upon thousands of refugees fleeing violence in Colombia).

Hmm, suddenly Handler's comment about Jolie being the "opposite of a girl's girl" seems pretty ... meaningless.

Say what you will about the woman, Angelina Jolie is NOT one of those celebs whose humanitarian claims extend only as far as the red carpet at some glitzy benefit. Jolie walks the walk. And listening to her speak about the situation in Ecuador, it's clear: Angelina Jolie sincerely wants to help. I believe her when she says her "heart breaks" for the refugees.

Watch this clip and see for yourself. Somehow I doubt Jolie is losing any sleep over those silly non-girl's girl accusations.

Are you impressed by Angelina Jolie's huminatarian work?

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nonmember avatar kaerae

No kidding! These blond bitches need to get out of middle school already!

Venae Venae

She "walks the walk"?  By visiting Ecuador?  Wow - she IS Mother Teresa.

Seriously - any of us would visit countries and "assess the situation" if the UN would pay for us to go and name us "Special Envoy".

Don't care what else she does in life - everyone knows she was sleeping w/someone else's husband - and yes, he's as much of a whore as she is.



Water... Water_geM

i love saint angie

MeAnd... MeAndTommyLee

I refuse to canonize the UNsaint, Angie. Falling all over everything BUT her own country.   We have millions of uninsured citizens, too many homeless people to count, feed etc.  A social security fund that will be depleted by 2033 after WE PAID into it......

Hell, don't get me started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar Emme

I love the fact that Jolie does more good than the public sees. When it comes to other celebrities, the ONLY good they do is what the public sees.

And, frankly, the more Handler disses Jolie, the more I think Aniston really isn't over the divorce.

Finally, Venae, your comment is absolutely asinine. If you should be mad at anyone, it should be Brad Pitt. He was the one that was married. I've always thought it was strange that when it comes to cheating, people are always more mad at the person their spouses cheated on them with and not their spouses. How does that make sense? It's true that Jolie shouldn't have helped Pitt cheat, but Pitt should've left Aniston before that.

-Stra... -Strawberry-

I really like Angelina and even though she's not perfect, I think she tries really hard to make the world a better place.

nonmember avatar Kerrie

Assess the situation? Here's what that doesn't mean: she doesn't stay and help these people rebuild their lives; she doesn't help them build homes, teach in the schools, or obtain jobs; she doesn't even speak Spanish! How exactly are these people benefited by her presence? How much does TALKING about a situation help the situation? My guess is after she filmed this clip she went back to her 5 star hotel. When she spends Peace Corp kinds of time in a country like this maybe then I'll have respect for her.

kebrowni kebrowni

Yes, I am. She does a lot more than most celebrities and she and Brad donate a lot (of money), too. People need to get over the Jen/Brad thing because it was several years ago. Also, I don't think she should take all the blame for that situation; it was just as much Brad's fault. But seriously, who cares?

Edward Norton

Hm, error? Anyway, she has been this "special envoy" for several years now, it's nice she finally makes it into Ecuador and her heart breaks so quickly. Bush also didn't leave the Country for a few years after he "won" and we all know the depth of his relations with others. It's nice she's involved and doing something, but so is Kim Kartrashian and Sean Penn. Celebs don't really work out in these things in the end.

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