Fiona Apple's New Single Could Oust Adele as Queen of Angst (LISTEN)


OMGOMGOMG! Fiona Apple’s new single is out and it’s fan-freckin-tastaholic! Her song, “Every Single Night,” is from her album The Idler Wheel is wiser than the blah blah blah.

Seriously, girl, what is up with these titles? They're longer and more tedious than a couple of Real Housewives goin' at it in a drunken bitchfest. Anyway, the song is the best new music Fiona put out in seven years. Wait, it’s the only new music she’s put out in seven years.

Listen, all, you cannot rush genius.

I’ve been a huge fan of Fiona ever since I heard her very first album, Tidal, back in 1996. Back when she would use one word for an album title! Clearly, she got tired of that. Unfortunately, her album sales slipped in opposite correlation to the longevity of her titles, but advanced word on this album is great. Personally, I think Fiona is poised to usurp Adele's place as queen of alto-voiced divas with relationship problems.

The first single off Fiona's album eschews her usual relationship-oriented angst (my personal fave: "Oh Well" from Extraordinary Machine) and instead highlights another frustrating issue we can all relate to: Insomnia. How your brain goes wild sometimes when you’re trying to sleep and the Ambien hasn't kicked in. Some lyrics:

Every single night's a fight
And every single night's a fight
But every single fight's all right
With my brain!

I hear you, Fions. There is absolutely nothing worse than trying to sleep and suddenly every single problem you've ever had in your entire life comes crashing into your mind’s eye. As if, at 3 in the morning, you can do anything about the bills, your overbearing boss, the friend who snubbed you, your cat puking on your new rug, whatever. But your brain thinks now is the perfect time to run through everything. Stupid brain.

Perhaps Fiona’s album title could be a cure for insomnia. I bet if you repeat the title a couple of times, you’ll be fast fast asleep.

The Idler Wheel is wiser than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords will serve you more than Ropes will ever do.

The Idler Wheel is wiser than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords will … Zzzz.

Take a listen to Fiona's new single here:

What do you think of Fiona's new song? Will she overtake Adele?

Image courtesy Epic Records.

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Mindy... Mindymama

She's wonderful but won't overtake adele.

nonmember avatar D

Adele sucks.

nonmember avatar june

nah, sorry doesn't do a thing for me

nonmember avatar John

I think it's kinda unfair to compare Fiona and Adele. Let Adele sell record. Fiona will make the great music. And that's no hate on Adele. I love "Rolling in the Deep" as much as everyone else in the world. But Fiona's music is much more challenges, subversive and clever.

Also, just becasue they're both women who sing about relationships doesn't make them comparable.

nonmember avatar dag

Adele who? never heard of her
Fiona is the true Queen ! and this song is amazing

nonmember avatar Shelby

the 7 year wait was worth it. this album is going to be incredible.

nonmember avatar Mindy420

No malcontent meant...but oust? Fiona was first...their music is nothing alike..Adele is good at what she does but noone can out due Fiona on the angst ...that voice too..Apple's #1 in my book

nonmember avatar No Sleep

Your comments about the title are silly. When The Pawn...has nearly a 70 word poem for a title. That was also one of her earlier albums. People need to focus on the excellence of the music and stop with the bullshit. End of story.

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