Chelsea Handler's Angelina Jolie Insult Makes Jennifer Aniston Look Bad

Chelsea Handler
Sorry I'm not sorry!
We all know that Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston are besties. We've seen the two vacaying together in Mexico; we've seen Jen on Chelsea's show; and we've heard Chelsea mention their thick-as-thieves friendship on numerous occasions (wouldn't you?). We've also heard Chelsea talk shit about Angelina Jolie "on Jen's behalf" for wrecking her marriage to Brad. And now, Handler's back for round two. The Chelsea Lately host recently told More magazine that she feels that the newly-betrothed Jolie is "the opposite of a girl's girl." And of course, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Handler went on to say: "She doesn’t strike me as someone I would have a close friendship with. You just know as a woman, when you see another woman, if that’s a woman you can trust." I wish there were some other onomatopoeic word I could insert here other than "meow", but, really, there isn't, so: Meow!

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Here's the thing with all this. It's cool that Chelsea is super loyal to Jen, etc. etc. etc., but I kind of feel like this behavior -- this public bashing of Angelina -- is kind of embarrassing to her. Jen seems to spend so much time trying to defuse any and all gossip that pops up regarding feuds between her and the Jolie/Pitt camp, and here Chelsea is, totally adding fuel to the fire. She's just creating media frenzy out of nowhere -- and of course Jennifer is going to be dragged into it. Seems like a bad idea. (No matter how true her statements are.)

Then again, if Chelsea and Jennifer are so close, Chelsea would probably know whether or not her anti-Angelina ways bothered Jen. And she'd stop it. So, maybe Jen doesn't care and actually thinks it's funny that someone will speak out against the "philanthropist." Really, there's only one way to find out: A ladies' weekend in Cabo with Chelsea, Jennifer, and me.

What do you think Jennifer thinks of Chelsea's Angie bashing?


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calim... calimom73

I think it's normal to defend your friend. 

nonmember avatar KA

I CANNOT stand Chelsea Handler. She's one to talk about 'not being a girls' girl', etc. She's a real piece of work herself. Angie "stole" Brad from Jen - whatever - a person doesn't cheat unless there are already issues in the relationship (or they are a serial cheater, which I don't think Brad is). Anyhoos, if he wasn't unhappy he wouldn't have gone that way. No one can steal anyone away from their spouse unless they want to be stolen. So, you know what? Let it go already. It's pretty obvious that Angie/Brad are pretty happy together & it seems Jen is too. I wish Chelsea would just go away.

BankOnIt BankOnIt

Its laughable that Jennifer would continue to hate on Angelina, she's in the same situation! Her current boyfriend, Justin Theroux, was married for 11 years and left his wife for Aniston. I really like Chelsea and its this one little nagging point that bugs me some time, but shes a tv personality, not like this is going to damage the possibility of us being friends, ha!

One last thing....those who condemn the loudest are usually just as guilty of commiting the very same crime!

Crispy McCrispen

For the record, Jennifer isn't hating on anyone, its Chelsea Handler. And also i would love to see your research for "those who condemn the loudest are usually just as guilty of commiting the very same crime!" i bet it is interesting reading.

nonmember avatar Gina

Why can we just leave them all alone? It's been 7+ long years of this. Why do people need to keep bringing this up? Jen is supposedly in a good relationship now and Angie and Brad are getting married - Mazel Tov to everyone and just let it go. There are better things to obssess over....

memek... memekisses

What she said is true though. You know when your not gonna be friends woth someone.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Do not like CH..never have. She should worry more about embarassing HERSELF than her friends...because..come on. She's not funny...

Todd Vrancic

Short of gagging the woman, how is Ms. Aniston really going to stop her?  Some people cannot take hints.

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

This IS Chelsea Handler we are talking about!!! Do you HONESTLY think she cares?! LOL  She talks shit about everybody!! n its HILARIOUS!!

nonmember avatar Kelly

Chelsea (and Jennifer Aniston) need to get the fuck over it! It's been 7 years!!! Jesus H. Isn't there anyone one else you can talk about? News Flash, neither of you are perfect, Angelina was NOT MARRIED to you, Brad was, he left your sorry ass probably just because of your insecurity. Get a life & stop worrying about other people.

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