5 Ways to 'Control the Crazy' From Vinny G's Fricken Self-Help Book

vinny g bookHey, there's more to Vinny G than meets the eye, okay?

More than a tanned and toned guido livin' the life on the Jersey Shore. He's got issues like you don't even know, except you will -- you'll know Vinny better than his own mutha after reading his just-released self-help book, Control the Crazy: My Plan to Stop Stressing, Avoid Drama and Maintain Your Inner Cool.

That's right, Vinny G has generalized anxiety disorder -- and a fairly severe case, from the sounds of it:

"I can work myself into a fearful, paralyzing state of mind that lasts for days, weeks, and even months where I feel mad scared, totally isolated and alone ... I'm talking anxiety that causes night sweats, insomnia, extreme weight loss, headaches and a mind that won't shut the 'eff up!"

Aww. That's no fun. You've gotta feel for the guy.

And since he obviously knows what he's talking about, who knows? Maybe America can learn something about emotional health from the guy, too ...

Here are a few tips we picked up on our first read-through:

1. Don't dwell so much on what's stressing you out. Says Vinny, "No matter. We've all got something. What's most important is that whatever's got you down, you have a set of simple, kick-ass tools that you can pull out of your back pocket and put to use right away."

2. Think positive. Says Vinny, "I discovered that if I could simply master my mind, I could control my bad days rather than let them control me."

3. Get spiritual. Vinny says his healing process began when he started reading books by "hard-core" Buddhist monks: "I'm not kidding -- as soon as I started reading them, my life began to change."

4. Don't believe all the "mumbo-jumbo" out there. Most self-help books made Vinny feel even "more messed up."

5. ABG. Always be grateful.

Not bad, right? Makes a lot of sense.

Will you buy Vinny G's self-help book?


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Guinh... Guinhyvar

I'd check it out of the library. If I liked it, I'd buy it. I have general anxiety as well, and the thing I have learned is that there is no one single fix, one single pill, one way to make it better. How best to cope changes as your life and situations change. I'm always down for learning from other people who also suffer from this disorder how they cope. Sometime something clicks, something I haven't tried, and it works for me. So yes, I would read this with an open mind.

jkm89 jkm89

Oh, I just love Vinny. He is so stinkin' cute. But he sealed our fate once he slept with Snooki. Le sigh.

Felly... FellyScarlett

I have panic disorder. I would read his book, he might know what he's talking about :)

LoSawyer LoSawyer

I'm sorry but is this for real? I thought it was a joke but now I'm not so sure... I am highly offended, he is a kid talking about a highly paralyzing disorder like we can just snap our fingers and be a-okay. Mental illness is not a joke, and we cannot keep treating it like it is. If you really suffer from any kind of mental disorder you should see a professional just like you would with any other illness, not read a book by some kid capitolizing on his "fame".

Jscot... Jscott1216

Actually yes it is for real. He went into one of his panic attacks during filming last season and went home. And he isn't telling people not to see a doctor, he's just going tips on how to maybe help better deal til you can get to a doctor. Where's the offensiveness in this book cause im not seeing it. I get panic attacks myself and I don't disagree with what he says. Simple solution to you not liking it don't read it. See how easy that is. Great!

LoSawyer LoSawyer

And if you don't like my comment, pass right by it. And I actually will take one of his suggestion, bypass his "mumbo jumbo".

oneho... onehotyoungmom

His excerpts shown here do make him sound a bit flippant about anxiety disorders. So, from what we're shown, no, I do not agree with him. But I have not (and probably won't) read the whole book.

nonmember avatar PanicAttacker

I think it's a little rude to assume that just because he is on Jersey Shore - a shoe I don't watch and find totally mindless by the way - he is dumb and has nothing valid to say. Will he dumb it down and sound more casual than a psychiatrist written book? Of course. But that's because there is an audience out there that his casual tone speaks to, and just may get through to: people who don't have the patience to read a textbook-like tome, younger kids who wouldn't really be able or willing to grasp something strictly instructional but who would "click" with what Vinny has to say. It's like Thomas Keller vs Rachel Ray. Some people like going in-depth on a recipe, some want the 30-minute meal: don't let snobbery discount the more "layman's" option.

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