'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Is a Shining Example of GOOD Teen Motherhood

MTV's Teen Mom has many, many bad stories. From Jenelle Evans to Amber Portwood and beyond, there are more bad stories than good ones. But Farrah Abraham is one of the best examples of how teen motherhood does NOT have to ruin one's life.

For a long time, it seemed like Farrah was the least into motherhood of her peers, but once she got on board, she did so in a very good way. She has been brave enough to confront her grief over the death of Sophia's dad and to deal with her mother and their relationship. She went back to school, tried to keep up with her dreams, and generally devoted herself to being a good mom and making a good future. She is even an entrepreneur with her own hot sauce. Is it any wonder the young mom would say she feels like she is 38?

The fact is, she is doing really well.

It has been a long road, but it is for any mom. Farrah has impressed me with her devotion to maintaining a good relationship with her daughter while also furthering her education. Even Maci, who is another teen mom success story, hasn't done as well in this (she dropped a semester of classes).

When you have kids on the young end, it can feel like you are a bit older. I was much older than Farrah when I had my first at 29, but in my area of the country, I was on the younger end of things, so I relate. 

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There is no shame in feeling older as long as Farrah also gets to be 21, too. It's important that she lets off steam and makes silly mistakes and hangs out with her friends, too. That way when she is 35, she won't look back and feel like her entire youth was spent acting older.

That said, Farrah is a shining example that not all teen moms end up like Jenelle Evans or Amber Portwood. She has worked very hard to get where she is and she represents the best of what a person can do when they are highly motivated, smart, and focused on the right things.

It isn't all teen mom bashing! Sometimes credit is due, too!

Do you think Farrah is doing well?


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nonmember avatar mommy

Farrah had a rough start but she seems to be doing great.

nonmember avatar liz

i know farrah personally, im from her home town, farrah is nothing but a spoiled brat.
she is all about farrah and noone else. i feel bad for beautiful sophia to grow up with a mom who is too busy dealing with what her hair and make up look like more than her own daughter

momav... momavanessa

Oh yes she decides to get fake boobs and get a loan instead of worring about her daughter. Her parents have probably raised her daughter more than her!

nonmember avatar dolono

no way! didnt she go to florida to go to cooking school and left the baby?

nonmember avatar rusty

I guess it helps that Mommy gave her a house to live in, and took in her kid when she wanted to leave the state to go to school. And that boob job she got that made her unable to take care of the baby is the best example of her levelheadedness and selflessness when it comes to her child. Oh, and the father she was grieving over so copiously when the cameras were rolling? They broke up before she even had the baby, so of course, the grief over losing her "boyfriend" was so compelling. Come on, the best mother out of this whole group was Caitlyn. She selflessly did what was best for her child and gave her up. Her child is now getting everything she needs; stable parents who love her, who can provide anything she needs without having to save their allowance. Granted, Farrah isn't the worst mom on these shows, but she sure as hell isn't even close to the best.

nonmember avatar Leslie

So because she decided to get a breast enhancement, she is not a good mother? That is ridiculous. I am 22, single mother to 2 children, and work 2 jobs to support them. All this while still managing to have an outstanding relationship with my babies. And next year? I am getting a loan and getting implants. And afterwards I will still be just as wonderful of a mother as I am now. I have never cared for farrahs attitude, but she deserves credit for her work thus far. Sure, her parents helped her. But that made her successful, so why down that? Jealousy.

Kritika Kritika

Agree with the above posters. She's doing great because her parents supported her and gave her everything she needed to be successful. While I think that makes them good parents and I don't dislike her for that, I dislike her for the nasty attitude she had with her parents the entire time.

Granted, a lot of teenagers are ungrateful brats sometimes. I know I was. She just isn't all that likeable.

Hi_Rae Hi_Rae

Hahah Farrah is far from a good mother. I work where she had Sophia's birthday party this year and she couldn't even be bothered to come out on the floor and play with her daughter. Her parents on the other hand were running around all day playing with Sophia, it was very clear who raises that child.

mskonie mskonie

I'm sorry but I agree with most of the commentors here; Farrah is no where near being an example of a good mother. She is still in school and everything because her mother has provided her with a house, money, and childcare. I think Maci is a much better mother. Yes, Maci did have to drop a semester of school but she did that so she could take better care of Bently. Farrah only worries about herself and her own wants, not about Sophia.

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