Christina Aguilera Didn't Want Justin Bieber Touching Her at All (VIDEO)

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justin bieber christina aguileraLet's think of a few reasons why Christina Aguilera dissed Justin Bieber on The Voice this week. Is it because she's upset she didn't get invited to his "Call Me Maybe" dance party? Or maybe she's sore from all her workouts recently and didn't feel like having her aching back touched? Or, is it possible that Justin's just a cruel reminder of the fame, youth, and body she once had? Whatever the reason, she wasn't exactly warm when Bieber went down the line, saluting the judges. Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, and Blake Shelton all gave the 18-year-old pop star a heart-felt handshake, but Xtina? She was cold as ice. Brrrr.

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Who knows if it was intentional or not -- Christina did have a big elimination decision to make and could've just been super focused on her team, and not on the Biebs.

That said, I don't know HOW you could ever be less than ecstatic when Justin's in your presence. That goddamn kid is amazing. The signing, the dancing, the smiling, the overall genuine merriment that little nugget brings to a room is incredible. I would say it's hard to ignore, but Christina kind of proved me wrong there. She ignored him, no sweat.

Maybe Justin will be inspired by the so-called diss and write a thinly-veiled song about how a cougar once ignored him in the wild. Even though Xtina's only 31, when you're 18 like Bieber, anyone in her 30s has got to be considered ancient. Especially since his mom is 36.

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So! Check out the Justin/Christina showdown and let me know what you think:

Did Christina purposely diss him, and if so, why?


Photo is a screen grab

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nonmember avatar ErinAnn

Seriously? She gave him a little hug.

nonmember avatar Kate

I don't think she dissed him. I think she was just unsure if she should shake his hand or hug him since she's a female.

Stacey. Stacey.

I would ignore him annoying.


Christina is the annoying one. I don't see her donating her time any of the things he does. She's a washed up has been. I hope he washed himself after he touched her.

tracy... tracylynnr67

She gave him a hug, what else was she supposed to do? Maul him? I don't see how she disrespected him at all.

LKRachel LKRachel

she was probably thinking about who she was going to eliminate- you can hear carson talking about it.  and yeah she hugged him?  It must be a slow news day at the stir.

nonmember avatar john

I don't blame her, who wants that thing(bieber) touching you at all, no one. they are professionals shaking hand was appropiate not kissing. Xtina you rock!

Gigan... GigantaursMommy

Maybe she was just confused. He shook both peoples hand before her, she offered a hand to shake his and he went in for a hug. He was being a bit presumptuous if you ask me, some people just don't like being hugged by strangers.

Ashley Golden Korkmaz

Who cares? Christina is a bitch and everyone in Hollywood knows it

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