'Biggest Loser' Controversy Turns Contestants Into 'Biggest Quitters' (VIDEO)

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In every long-running reality competition, there seems to be a show 'twist' that contestants have come to expect. On Survivor, it's the tribe merge. American Idol has the judges' save. The Amazing Race spent several seasons forcing low-ranking contestants to beg for cash. On The Biggest Loser, eliminated players often have a shot at returning to the ranch, in a show tradition that started back in 2009.

Sadly, this season's Biggest Loser lineup has apparently never actually seen the show they signed up for, because in this week's episode, all five remaining contestants threatened to quit rather than deal with the same returning player twist that had been used season after season.

Not only did all five whine and moan and throw down their microphones in protest, two of them actually left the game. BIGGEST SORE LOSERS EVER? Yes, I'd say so.

Despite the precedent set by several seasons of the competition, Mark, Buddy, Conda, Jeremy, and Kim all freaked out when they learned of a twist that would allow eliminated players to compete for a chance to get back into the game. They all claimed it was unjust and unfair, at least until the show's lawyer made an appearance to explain a little thing called a "contract" that they had all signed.

Hilariously, the twist—not the potential likelihood of it, but the CERTAINTY OF ITS EXISTENCE—was spelled out in plain English:

All contestants, including all eliminated contestants, will be invited to participate in the final challenge for the series, and the one contestant who wins it will be automatically eligible to win the grand prize.

You'd think the mutiny would have ended there, but then again, you know how some people just can't back off their stance no matter how ridiculous they look? Yeah, that's pretty much what happened with Mark and Buddy.

Here's a video of the drama that went down:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, all the posturing about quitting along with the actual quitting hasn't endeared the final five contestants to viewers, who have been writing about the drama on The Clicker's Facebook page:

I think that they should have sent all five home after one hint of a complaint and just brought the last five who got kicked off back — Doris

They acted like spoiled little brats! It was written in black and white, they signed and acknowledged it, and then they throw a temper tantrum like a 3 year old. There are a lot of people who would love to be given the opportunity to be a part of the Biggest Loser and these two children squandered it all for something they knew about going in. — Amy

I think they should have to pay a fee for all the training and trips they got, the makeovers, the list could go on and on. — Reta

I believe contestants have an obligation to stay on campus regardless of what they believe as far as fairness. They are supposed to be inspiring people against the odds. So many people would have loved the opportunity presented to Buddy and Mark and they just threw it away...on national tv. — Jessica

I tend to agree with the above posters: it was in the contract, it was a twist that's been used time and time again, and even if you don't like it, suck it up, buttercup. The biggest irony of this season's Biggest Loser? The theme is NO EXCUSES.

Really, as badly as the contestants behaved, the fallout is on the show itself, which many are claiming has become nearly unwatchable this season. The producers have some scrambling to do to recover from the damage this season's cast has done, and here's hoping they do. There are surely still tons of people who would like a shot on the show—and wouldn't quit when the going gets tough.

What do you think of the Biggest Loser quitters? Were they justified in their actions?

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howcrazy howcrazy

This cast is the biggest bunch of whiny babies I have ever seen. I hope the eliminated contestant wins. I couldnt stand those in the final five. If one of the men that quit were my husband, I would have killed him. All that time at the ranch and a great chance to win 250000, and they walk away because they can't read a contract? Ugh! I wonder if the partners they started the season with will return for the final challenge?

Sonja Oliver Rutherford

I quit watching a couple of seasons ago and now I'm particularly glad I did.

nonmember avatar Krissa

They also announced this on the first episode of the season - all the contestants would come back, whoever won would automatically be in the finale. It wasn't even a plot twist!

ljnmom ljnmom

I like Kim.  I think she has worked her ass off and it shows.  She has a good attitude and probably just got caught up in the drama.  As for the two who quit, good riddence.  I didn't mind them on the show, but throwing a fit and then actually leaving was really immature.  It's a TV show, it's not just about the contestants, it's about ratings and making money for NBC.  I read one comment on-line that said "they sure didn't mind going to Hawaii or the White House..guess those "twists" were okay with them".  I agree, you gotta take the bad with the good.  I'll keep watching and root for Kim.  

Melis... Melissa042807

Worst. Season. EVER. I've been watching for several seasons and I gave up on this one three or four weeks in. I spend two hours per week dealing with whining shrieking preschoolers - I don't need to waste two more hours watching adults behave the same way. 

And seriously, they were SURPRISED by this??? Just goes to show they're all nothing but wrapped up in their own little bubbles. 

nonmember avatar Brooke

They seem to have missed the point of the show completely. This is about changing your life and loosing weight. This is about prolonging your life!

If I were a contestant, I wouldn't care what twist was added to the show or how unfair things seemed. As long as I was loosing weight, I wouldn't care.

nonmember avatar yvonne beamon

I've watched this show every season and I am appalled by these contestants behavior. If they were uncomfortable with the way the show is done, they should not have signed on. As every one else has stated they are supposed to be inspiring? To say that people who have been illiminate do not deserve to be there is not fair. The contestants that are eliminaated do not have trainers and do not have easy access to a gym. As far as I'm concerned they have to work harder!

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