'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Alex Made the Wrong Choice

Tuesday night's episode of MTV's 16 and Pregnant was as heartbreaking an episode as I remember. Adoption, though usually a better decision for these girls, does make for a heart-wrenching episode. But Alex, predictably, decides against adoption, which ends up just being the wrong choice for so many reasons.

As much as my heart went out to her, her decision to keep the baby was a huge mistake. In fact, of all the parents ever on this show, it's possible Alex's baby daddy was the single worst. And he has a lot of competition.

It isn't that he is mean, he is just a party boy whose priorities are clearly not toward his girlfriend or baby.

Throughout the episode he seemed sweaty and strung out most of the time. The scenes during her ultrasound and her simple requests of him were just depressing. Yes, he is a kid and no one is saying he has to "step up." After all, it was Alex's decision to keep the baby against his will. But he couldn't even sober up enough to help her through the hard parts?

He also made this baby and is taking zero responsibility even for helping her make the adoption decision. He left her before the baby was even born. As annoying as teen girls are, believing in terrible men, MTV also shows us that teen boys are completely idiotic layabouts. Is this the truth?

It makes no sense that she decided to keep her baby, lovely as she is. Getting pregnant as a teen isn't ideal in any way, but someone who is old enough to get pregnant also ought to be old enough to make the right choices.

Was keeping Arabella really the BEST possible plan for either her or her baby? Alex couldn't even go to her job because her boyfriend, who agreed to babysit, can't even be bothered to show up. Does this sound like a person who is ready to be a parent?

Some of the girls on past shows are more ready than others, but sometimes adoption is the kinder, more mature choice. No one thinks it's easy. I can't even imagine being asked to make a decision like that at such a young age. But if you decide to have sex and you fall pregnant, then you also have to make mature decisions.

Now Arabella will probably repeat her mother's mistakes. It's heartbreaking and it could have been avoided.

Do you think Alex should have chosen adoption?


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nonmember avatar shacarol

Thank you! I have seen every episode since the start of this "project" and I was more upset wit her then I have ever been...she had the best possible adoption option and she threw it away jus to complain about having to miss out on being a teen. That was def not a smart motherly decision in my eyes

Joyce Stever Rodin

isn't it ironic as hell that the most grounded and solid teen parents (Tyler and Kaitlyn) were the ones to choose adoption and completly clueless idiots like Alex, FARAH, AMBER, LEAH, CHELSEA,  Tend to keep their babies. shame.

Amy Blon

What right do YOU have telling her that keeping HER baby was the wrong decision?!? It's not your life, nor your decision...this is the worst article I have ever read!! You have no business saying her decision was wrong..let's see you give up YOUR child just because the situation isn't ideal. Good for her for stepping up and taking responsibility and raising her child the best she can!

omgitsjo omgitsjo

I think she should have chosen adoption and I agreed with her boyfriend most of the show. He showed that he wasn't going to be there for her countless times. He made it clear he wanted her to give up the baby. She knew that, and she kept on pushing because she didn't have a father and wanted Arabella to have one (even though the couple who wanted to adopt her would have provided her a father). Her mother even told her that she would have to find a new place to live and she still decided to keep that baby with a minimum wage job and nowhere to go. She absolutely made the wrong choice.

nonmember avatar sydni

How is it you're place to say her keeping her child "was the wrong decision"?

Being a teen parent does NOT decide how good of a parent you are! Walk a mile in our shoes before you make any comments !

April Richardson

Who are we in this world to tell this girl she made the wrong decision. It's not your life nor your baby. You never know, she may turn out to be a WONDERFUL mom to her baby. I think anyone who says someone (that is not themselves) should give up their baby, are a shame. Let her live and never say that keeping a baby is the wrong decision.

April Richardson

and you as an author of this article, should be ashamed of yourself for saying something like this! 

nonmember avatar Shawty

I totally disagree with you!!!!! I'm glad she kept her baby. And yes most likely she's gonna be a single parent....but she's not the first; and i know she's not gonna be like what if i kept my baby...so let her do what's best decision!!!!

Kelly Lucero

Really, I have noticed that most of you "writers" here have nothing to say but mean things. Really what's with all the bitterness all of you write here?

Whitn... WhitneySM

Wow, who are YOU to say that HER choice was a mistake? I agree with the comment above me. Stir writers are so bitter and  judgemental about EVERYTHING.

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