Maria Menounos & Derek Hough's 'DWTS' Kiss Was Totally Desperate (VIDEO)

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Dancing With the Stars was certainly sizzling with quite a bit of sexual tension last night, but none of the performers got quite as steamy as Maria Menounos. You know, because she and partner Derek Hough kicked things up a notch by adding a kiss into their routine. Not that their salsa really needed sexing up -- considering they grinded on each other quite a bit, and Derek stripped off his shirt during the performance too. (Eye roll.)

Maria and Derek were no doubt trying to get high scores from the judges with their little smooch-fest, so they were pretty disappointed when Carrie Ann Inaba said the kiss was nothing but a sell-out. And honestly, I kind of agree with her on that one. You see how Derek is kind of waving his hand in the photo above? Yeah -- he's telling the cameraman to pan in closer on their lip lock. Totally desperate.

I mean -- why on Earth do DWTS cast members feel the need to make out on the ballroom floor and ignite romance rumors? (Oh yeah -- I forgot about that little thing called ratings.) It's pretty common knowledge that Maria has been dating the same dude, Kevin Undergaro, for like 10 years or something ridiculous. I seriously doubt she'd drop him like a bad habit after forming some sort of intense love connection with Derek after a matter of a few weeks.

And that brings me to another question: Why do so many women get all hot and bothered over Derek Hough? (Other than the fact that he really knows how to gyrate his hips.) I remember being kind of shocked when he and Shannon Elizabeth became a serious item after she appeared on the show a few seasons ago. And there have even been whispers that he and Katherine Jenkins are getting a little bit friendly behind the scenes this time around. Really?! I guess he's sort of cute in a boyish kind of way? Somehow I'm missing the boat on whatever is so appealing about him.

Still -- that kiss has people talking today. But if it is enough to carry them through this round -- how are they going to top their steamy moment next week?

To see Maria and Derek's sexy kiss, check out the video clip below. (FYI -- the kiss happens about a minute and five seconds in.)

Do you think Maria and Derek's kiss was hot?


Image via AwesomeArtistsLive/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Carol Harris

It looked to me like she was kissing his upper lip, not much of a kiss as far as I'm concerned. Go guys and perform.

nonmember avatar Kristin Curzon

I agree with Carrie Ann. No couple needs to add kissing to their dancing routine. The competition is about becoming proficient dancers, not selling a"romance."

Robert Elliott

im not a big Derek supporter, to much of a teachers pet, now if Maks did that, judges especially Len, doesnt like the no shirt and kiss crap, but the pet always bget a pass

Cynthia Abbott

Stupid article. Derek desperate?? Umm he's the BEST pro dancer and choreographer on the show. He obviously has nothing to worry about it. Sorry if the person who wrote this article doesn't find him appealing. He's sexy, funny and extremely talented.

Torra... TorranceMom

Nothing about this was hot.


Derek can't stand it when he doesn't have the full spotlight and this was his way to fix it. It fell flat and looked sad. I like him a lot, don't get me wrong but he doesn't have the winning partner this time and he's full of the green eyed monster with Cheryl and Mark surpassing him this time.

Brenda Arlene

This bs is what give dancers bad names, going at it on the dance floor makes it tasteless and takes out the dancing


SamMi... SamMichelle88

Their dance was amazing! I don't know why they cheapened it with the trashy kiss...

Megan Marie Mulligan

I don't know why everyone is making this such a big deal and don't all these folks work for votes. You're making it all about Derek, Maria agreed to do this or she wouldn't have. Derek is by far the best dancer choreographer on the entire show. There are a lot of good dancer and don't you think Mark and Maks have and their share of cheap shots that have irritated Len. Mark got a great partner this time but i'm sick of his arrogance. His choreography is always about him. He always shows up his partners and I don't care for it. Derek is hot,talented and deserves all accolades he gets for being the youngest sexiest professional dancer. I like Maks as well but he too is a little too impressed with himself. He is a very good dancer and anyone would be lucky to dance with him. As for Mark, he's just gotten lucky this time that Kathryn is making him look good instead of the other way around. Mark needs to tone down his dancing and remember it's about the star,not him. As for Derek,so they kissed,it's not like they were gripping each other on national tv,have you ever noticed how much Mark kisses all over his partners especially,Ms Pallin,it was just gross!

Cindy Sensenig Dobbs

Derek should keep his shirt on.  He's such a good dancer/choreographer, he doesn't need to do that.  Besides, he looks like a boy when he takes off his shirt.  They didn't need the kiss, either.  It wasn't sexy and it wasn't needed.

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