Amanda Bynes Really Needs to Hire a Chauffeur (Like, Now)

amanda bynesHey, Amanda Bynes! Unless what a girl wants is to get her driver's license revoked, now might be a good time to take a break from the whole navigating a vehicle through traffic thing. Surely those Nickelodeon royalties will cover a chauffeur? Or cab fare, at the very least.

Look, I'm not judging. I'm just saying -- every time Bynes gets behind the wheel lately something bad seems to happen. Like, she drunkenly crashes into a police car. Or she gets nabbed for texting while driving less than a week later. OR she's spotted making a conspicuously slow and clumsy 3-point-turn into a trendy L.A. restaurant's driveway.

The kind of conspicuously slow 3-point-turn that results in a lot of impatient people honking their horns and cursing out the moron who clearly doesn't know how to dri ... hey, isn't that Amanda Bynes?


Look, I feel bad for the girl. Really. I mean, I don't know what's going on with her, whether she really is downward-spiraling as rumored or if she's always been a menace on the road and this is just the first time anybody noticed or what ... BUT I do know these have been a humiliating couple of weeks for Bynes.

There was the pink/silver/orange (?) hair mug shot, the embarassingly clueless family denials ("But Amanda doesn't even drink!"), the inevitable Lindsay Lohan comparisons. Which would have been bad enough. But poor Bynes, she just keeps throwing gasoline on the fire.

Seriously, sweetie. Just stay home for a few weeks, okay? Because you're one moving violation away from being remembered for your crappy driving skills and/or crappy buzzed driving skills instead of the acting stuff.

Do you think Amanda Bynes needs to take a break from driving?


Image via Zennie Abraham/Flickr


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