Pippa Middleton's Friend Aims Gun at Paparazzi While Pippa Looks Amused (VIDEO)

Pippa Middleton
What's so funny?
Ah, so this is where Pippa Middleton has been hiding -- in Paris with a gaggle of gun-brandishing pals. Here, I thought she was holed up in her London flat or, I dunno, at, like, an ashram or something. Ho boy. She's got some 'splainin' to do.

Look. Pippa. You know I love you. I mean, Google my name plus yours. Actually, don't. You might get weirded out, and I like to think that there's still a slight chance that you and I will one day be friends. Regardless! What are you doing here? Why did you choose now to turn into a paparazzi-loving gal about town now? Why flash the media a smile the instant your friend is aiming a gun at the camera? You're normally so stoic and cool. You should have tapped into that side of yourself here. I'm not a P.R. manager or anything, but I'm kinda thinking a "grinning next to a gun" shot isn't the best thing for one's image.


No one knows yet whether the gun was real or not (sure looks it), but either way, not a very funny joke. I can only imagine that the paparazzi can get terribly intrusive, but pointing a gun at them is a bit dramatic. Side bar: I love that the cameraperson kept snapping away while a gun was pointed at their face. That's dedication right there.

In my non-expert opinion, Pippa -- who, bt dubs -- could get up to seven years in prison for her involvement in this mess -- should have just kept facing forward and not even paid the camera any mind. We all know she's 100 percent capable of doing that, so I don't think this would have been particularly hard for her. Granted, she could be turned around, checking out the commotion, thinking, "Shiiiiit." But the fact that she's got her neck craned around and is smirking -- well, that just doesn't look very good.

For her sake -- and, dude, for her sister's -- hopefully, it'll soon come out that this whole thing was just one giant misunderstanding. Although I don't really know how pointing a gun at someone's face can be construed as a misunderstanding. But again, I'm not a P.R. manager.

What say you of this?


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