'Khloe & Lamar' Recap: Pregnancy Pressure Makes Khloe Snap

Khloe KardashianFor all the lighthearted, sweet, and cuddly moments that Khloe & Lamar provided us the first season, this second one has been a big downer in Dallas. As we've seen on the show in the past couple of weeks, their move to the Lone Star State has brought nothing but heartache for the couple, and based on news last week that Lamar has been released from the Dallas Mavericks, we know it gets worse. This week's episode tackled what seems to be the toughest issue of all for the couple in the center of it all -- a baby, or lack thereof.

From Lamar's grandmother to the media and random strangers, everyone wants to know why Khloe Kardashian isn't pregnant. "No matter where I turn, everyone asks me when can they expect a baby, and now Lamar's grandmother. No pressure whatsoever," Khloe told the camera.

Then Kim Kardashian came to town and just dug into what was an already gaping wound.


Khloe seems reluctant to admit that it's painful not having a baby, though she's been saying she wants one for quite some time now. Instead she repeatedly brushes off inquiries about the matter with statements about how it will happen when it's meant to be and that nothing is wrong. That's great, but tonight showed that it all affects her much more than her upbeat quotes suggest.

"I'm a little worried about Khloe, just because she's always been the toughest out of all of us, doesn't really care what people say, and comments don't really get to her," Kim said. "So, I really think that the fact that Khloe's not pregnant right now is starting to affect her."

When Kim asked her if she was jealous when Kourtney announced her second pregnancy, Khloe denied it, but not very convincingly. Lamar later admitted that he was in fact jealous. "Yeah, I was like damn I wish it could be me," he told Kim and Khloe, and it was obvious that was difficult for Khloe to hear.

When Kim brought up in vitro, Khloe snapped. "I don't need in vitro; nothing is wrong with me." And later, "Everyone gives me shit. I’m not worried about not being pregnant. Stress makes people not get pregnant."

Eventually she apologized to Kim for snapping and admitted that she didn't know getting pregnant would be this hard. She said if she could snap her fingers and become pregnant instantly, she would. Unfortunately, that's not an option, so I hope that she's willing to get help if and when she's ready.

It's heartbreaking to watch Khloe go through the struggles of wanting a baby and not having one, but honestly with everything else going on in their lives it may be for the best. Divorce rumors may or may not be true, but it's undeniably a turbulent time for the couple, and a baby in the mix could just complicate things. Of course, if they do announce a pregnancy anytime soon, then we'll be ecstatically happy regardless.

Were you surprised to see Khloe get so emotional over the pressure to have a baby?


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