'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Reunion Part 1 Recap: The 5 Best Moments of Madness

NeNe LeakesFor a season that was primarily one big snooze, part one of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion actually packed a pretty powerful punch. No, none were thrown, but there was some major animosity flowing between the couches, and from what could be made out of all of the screaming, there were some pretty entertaining moments.

Though most of the smalls (Phaedra Parks, Sheree Whitfield, and Kim Zolciak) were on one couch, Kandi Burruss joined the talls (Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes) on their couch. It didn't matter much where anyone sat though, because they all fought every which way. Here are five of the best (i.e. most outrageous) moments of the night:


1. NeNe REALLY Doesn't Want a Dildo!

She is so offended by them, she just couldn't say it enough. "Does that make it wrong that I don’t want a dingaling or a dildo, or I don’t want to be vibrated?" she shouted through her glowing white teeth. When Kandi brought up the fact that NeNe used to strip, NeNe shot out, "I don’t care if I stripped when I was 20, 30, or 40, I don’t want a dildo up my ass today." I think there's a "Green Eggs and Ham"-inspired book in there somewhere.

2. Phaedra Crowns Sheree

When arguing about the way Sheree's child support case was handled, Phaedra stayed pleasantly calm while Sheree rambled on. Then Phaedra delivered this lovely blow: "I’m going to let you wear the crown because you’re the queen of throwing people under the bus." Perfectly put.

3. Kandi is in L-O-V-E

She admitted she's dating a Bravo production manager, Todd, after Andy pulled it out of her. It was sweet to see her all giddy. Their first date was the last day of the Africa trip, which means something good did come out of that experience after all.

4. Chateau Sheree Dubbed Neverland

With all of her grandiose plans and pretentious posturing, nothing has STILL happened on her mega mansion. NeNe calling it out as Neverland is, by all accounts, a better name than the ridiculous one assigned to it by Sheree -- Chateau Sheree. Gag.

5. Who is the Richest Bitch of All?

It's horrifying but fascinating to watch NeNe and Kim fight about who's the richer bitch. It certainly brings to mind a little ditty crooned by another Real Housewife ... money can't buy you class.

All in all, not bad, and we haven't even heard from Marlo Hampton ... yet. Previews look promising. It's about time, Atlanta.

What were your favorite moments on The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion tonight? Was it better than you expected?


Image via Bravo

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