Zac Efron's Bra Unhooking Talents Make Him a Cougar Magnet (VIDEO)

zac efronOk -- I have kind of a huge confession to make. I may be an almost-35-year-old married work-at-home mom from the suburbs, but I'm also a total cougar for Zac Efron. I don't know what it is about that guy that gets me all hot and bothered, but I seriously can't get enough of him. Mama likey. (A lot.)

And that's why I'm a little bit too giddy over a new video of him demonstrating how to unhook a woman's bra with one hand. You see, the character Zac plays in his new film, The Lucky One, has a scene where he unclasps a bra in an instant, and apparently this isn't something that he had to be taught prior to the movie. (I knew he had mad skills!)


He showed off his fancy clothing removal talents while promoting the movie in Australia. You can watch the clip below to see Zac demonstrate his "pinch and slide" trick.

I wonder how much I would have to pay to trade places with his co-star, Taylor Schilling, for that particular scene? Whew! Is it getting hot in here? Because I'm a little worked up simply thinking about being her "stunt" double in this flick. Watching him unhook a bra actually makes me blush even more than the time he dropped a condom on the red carpet at The Lorax premiere. (Practicing safe sex is hot.)

Drooling over Seeing this video clip makes me even more excited to see The Lucky One, as it's sure to show off more of Zac's sexy, romantic side. Any movie that has him involved in some pretty steamy scenes is a box office hit in my book.

Were you impressed with Zac's bra unhooking technique?

Image via TasmanianDevil23/YouTube

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