'RHOA' Salaries Revealed: NeNe Makes a Killing Compared to the Others

real housewives of atlantaWell it must be good to be NeNe Leakes! And it's probably good to be Phaedra Parks, too -- but about $400,000 less good. Have you seen how much these girlfriends get paid to be on Real Housewives of Atlanta? Clearly I am in the wrong business.

Check out the bank these ladies make for bringing their living rooms into our living rooms. Not bad! I'm not surprised that they made this much money. RHOA is HUGE for Bravo. They'd better pay those ladies well! No, what surprised me were the big differences between their paychecks.

These are ballpark figures according to Celeb Dirty Laundry:

NeNe: $700K

Kim: $500K

Kandi: $450K

Sheree: $400K

Cynthia & Phaedra: $300K each

Damn, NeNe! Either she's got mad negotiating skills or she's working some kind of magic the other Housewives don't know about. And what is up with Phaedra? She was major! Did she settle too easily, or did she just not realize what she was bringing to the show when she negotiated her fee? Because that is just wrong.

Now that these numbers are out there I'm thinking the reunion is going to explode -- should they even put Kim and NeNe in the same room with each other? And for that matter, when Kim found out how much NeNe got paid was there an EMT on standby? That's gotta piss her off!

Are you surprised at how much more Nene makes than everyone else?


Image via Bravo

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jkm89 jkm89

Because NeNe is the hbic! I don't watch that show anymore, but when I did, NeNe was my favorite, she's hilarious!

nonmember avatar Sam

Phaedra really needs to re-negotiate her salary because she's being ripped off. Now Cynthia and Kim are the ones who're overpaid.

Janet Benoit

Did you all not see the 1st episode of this season??? NeNe told Sheree (I'm very rich B**ch) Well i guess we know now she wasn't the liar Sheree said she was.Go NeNe It's Your Pay day Gurl...

nonmember avatar Emma Dean

Why does everybody get paid something different from each other oh well we will see on Sunday it going to be a real RENIUON

nonmember avatar whocares

Nene is an EVIL b**ch! She constantly has to fight or have some issue with someone, she's an insane psycho. It's disgusting she's paid more for being a nasty whore

nonmember avatar Katy

Maybe the difference between paychecks has to do with how long they have been on the show. Cynthia and Phaedra are ott original cast members. Obviously Kim, NeNe, and Shreee are all originals so it doesn't explain everything but I would Guess it plays a part in the other girl' paychecks.

Rachel Wells

She is not worth a dime. Period. Can't stand her mouth

nonmember avatar Michael

This is per episode they make or per season?

nonmember avatar Joy

Nene would sell her poop in a jar .. if someone would pay her for it .. And that Creepy Creeperton John kinda proves my point!

nonmember avatar Nicole

Let's not forget Nene also gets $250,000 to do the reunion. The other housewives don't even come close to that.

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