Now What, Tareq Salahi? (VIDEO)

Tareq and Michaele SalahiIf you recall, Tareq Salahi was plenty pissed when his wife Michaele, formerly of The Real Housewives of D.C., ran off with Journey frontman Neal Schon and left his ass. So pissed in fact, that in February he sued her and Schon for $50 million for all sorts of reasons, but basically because they embarrassed him ... and because he's pathetic.

I know you've all been waiting with bated breath to see just what a judge would say about his lawsuit (not!), and finally the verdict is in: He's getting nothing, because the judged laughed him right out of court. Okay, there are no reports that the judge actually laughed, but I bet he did -- even if just on the inside. Officially, the judge threw out his sorry lawsuit calling it "not legally sufficient."

That's right, all of his whiny, ridiculous complaints -- including the one in which he claimed injuries from a "metaphorical slap in the face," Schon reportedly delivered to him by emailing Tareq a picture of his penis and calling him to say, "I'm f**king your wife" -- hold no water in court. Can I get a big, HA!?

So now what's Tareq going to do? He has well surpassed his 15 minutes of fame and made an idiot of himself in the process. The lawsuit was his last grasp to cash in on it, and now that has slipped through his fingers. He might actually have to -- gasp! -- work for a living. He recently spoke to the Washingtonian about how he's turned his life around (and is such a victim) and is focusing again on his Oasis Vineyard as well as a potential new food and wine show there. So yeah, there's no hope of him just going way. I can't imagine what kind of publicity stunt he'll try next, because I'm sure he won't stop.

I wish I could muster up even an ounce of sympathy for the guy. I mean now he's left alone and his dreams of raking in the big bucks have been dashed. But I can't. He did this to himself, and he deserves exactly what he got -- nada. Case dismissed.


Is anyone surprised that Tareq Salahi's lawsuit was thrown out? Does anyone feel sorry for him?


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nonmember avatar micki

Andy where oh where do you find these idiots? It has to be under rocks, who cares number one and number 2 no reason to care not important in my life or anyone elses, be careful next time who you get involved with your great shows, such a wasted time on DC.

Dee Knowlton

I can  see   that Michaele is a little dizzy,but a sweet person,I could never see her with Tareq.I mean come on he does.not even have money.I think at the beginning he made her think he did so she grab him,but now she knows the truth,well u know the rest.Neil isn't any better looking but at least he has the cash.I say U GO MICHAELE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I mean run as fast as u can from that loser Tareq...

shotg... shotgunhomicide

Uhhhhhh. What exactly do you think constitutes as embarrassment? and how exactly did he get what he deserved? Did he leave her randomly one day without telling her? Was he cheating on her and putting it out to the press? No. Michelle is a disgusting slut. I don't think much of him either and I certainly don't think he deserves any money from this, but still.. what she did was really fucked up.

shotg... shotgunhomicide

You stir "writers" are crazy judgmental.

Jason Wazinsky

Why are you guys defending one side or the other.  They are both equally guilty. They are both con artists. She his a habitual liar who will embellish any story to make her sound good. She's a TV star, she was a Redskins cheerleader, she was a model who was in Voogue and Victoria Secret, she was a Miss America, I mean the lies just go on and on. She helped Tareq siphon money from his parents business buying a yacht, an expensive sports car, a $240,000 sky box at Redskin stadium, cruises, and trips around the world. They drove his parents business and every other business they touched in to bankruptcy liquidation. She is just as guilty as he is.

Jason Wazinsky

They were both fined by the State of Virginia for shady charity practices. They took in donations and hardly any of it went to charity. She was more than happy to live on that money. Remember on RHWODC when she said "we spent a fortune on hotels?" Where do you think that fortune came from. They ran his parents through court until they were both out of money all the while his mother was taking care of his father who was dying of Alzheimers. Now he is dead and his mother has filed for personal bankruptcy. They are both criminals and together were both defrauding people with their wine country tour as latest as right before she left. People try to sue them and they just don't show up in court and nothing happens. Now her one tit has dried up and she has moved on to her zillionaire rock star boyfriend. Let's see if she can suck that tit dry.

Brent Taylor

Try as she might to distance herself from it, Missy will never escape the scourge, the tubby man-child that is Terd Salahi. She is every bit as liable and culpable in their past jointly committed scams, rip-offs and other fraudulent activity. And if the creditors do not know it, the IRS does.

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