‘Hunger Games’ TV Show Has the Odds Ever in Its Favor

hunger gamesThe C.W. is all about the trends. Never ones to sit back when something's taking off, their TV execs know how to repackage the most popular of themes. After the Twilight saga took off, they released the Vampire Diaries. Riffing off Sex and the City's timelessness, they've got The Carrie Diaries. And now that Hunger Games is on fire, rumor has it that the network is going to put out a T.V. show based on the popular book and movie. That's right, Katniss is coming to a TV near you.



The pilot is supposedly called The Selection, and will be similar to the Hunger Games in that its protagonist will be a strong female living in a dystopian society who must enter an insane competition. In this TV version, "Katniss" isn't fighting for her life, she's fighting to marry a prince. Since the violence probably wouldn't work on a network aimed at teens, the show will focus more on the romantic themes in the Hunger Games and will seemingly leave out all the blood and gore.

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I don't know about you, but I'm kind of into it. Rumor has it that Aimee Teegarden, who played Julie Taylor on the best show ever, Friday Night Lights, is slated to play the lead, which has me even more excited. Julie Taylor with a bow and arrow? I like it.

I'm curious to see how they'll make The Selection more like a love story than a teens-killing-teens story, especially if the setting is Panem-like. Part of what brings Hunger Games to life is its dark message and extreme bloodshed. Can a Cinderella story compare? I suppose the C.W. thinks it can. Instead of fighting to the death, the lead will fight for love. Aw. The only thing more awesome than stabbing someone in the head or the heel is falling head over heels in love, right?

What do you think of a Hunger Games inspired TV show?


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