Jenelle Evans Is Officially the Worst 'Teen Mom' (VIDEO)

It has been a race between Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans to see who could be the most horrible of MTV's Teen Moms, but I think we can officially say, Jenelle Evans has won. Oh yes, the battle is secure. With a ridiculous YouTube rant against ex-boyfriend Gary Head, which has since been deleted, Evans officially wins the award.

Jenelle apparently posted the video on Tuesday. Titled, “To Gary Hart,” it showed Jenelle in a car singing a heavy metal song. Though she deleted it from her account, you can still see it here.

Check it out below:

It's not that the video is so bad. She is really just singing a song. But the desire to do it and then make it public is just so incredibly juvenile. Grow up, Jenelle. You are a mother, for God's sake!

The difference between Portwood and Evans is this: Portwood is stepping up and trying to be a mom. Evans never has.

Why does she have so much time to pursue fame and attention? Why is she posting to Twitter and YouTube and MySpace (back in the day), when she could be raising her very small child?

As a mom, I don't usually like to slam other moms. We are all doing the best we can. But Jenelle isn't doing the best she can at all. We have all seen glimpses of who she can be when she is supported and on her meds and responsible, so this behavior is especially vexing.

Come ON Jenelle. STOP this crap already. It's time to put on your big girl pants, stop scattering your focus on dumb things, and take care of your child.

Otherwise, the only thing that will happen is Jace will end up in jail or on drugs. Why do I think that is unavoidable at this point?

This is getting just ridiculous.

What do you think of Jenelle's behavior?


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nonmember avatar anonymous

she's 16

Samal... Samallama

I don't know if that counts as Heavy Metal. 

As for the video....definitely don't think it's that bad. The fact that she made it public is kinda stupid but meh..not as stupid as other things. 

nonmember avatar Jackie

Ummm and neither of them are wearing seat belts.... That's super safe...... And her friend having her leg up while driving.... Even more safe if they get in a car accident... Not

nonmember avatar samantha

leave her the fuck alone people and let her live her own life.. she can do WHATEVER the fuck she wants...

Tiffany R Howes

for god sake get over it so what she posted a video and she is a mom woopty doo i'm a mom and yet i still post to facebook and shit so sick of seeing the negetive shit on here.

nonmember avatar Piglet

I think its not right for you to be judging her like that . Her mom has a big part of how she acts to . Cause her mom raised her to be like that . So judging her calling her a bad mom and complaining about moves she makes is pointless . Cause who would she get it from , Her parents . As you can see from the shows her mom didnt ever do much . janelles childhood was probably just like it . I mean if you dont know the whole story . Dont go spreading it . Cause the saying dont judge a book by its cover , Is the perfect example here . Yeah shes made some bad choices . But EVERYONE makes mistakes at some point . Cause NOBODY is perfect . So I think in my option you should take this down . Just to say .

Ny Belfast

Come on it's nothing new. Jenelle makes everything public. Wants attention? You don't say, and we're giving it. Ignore and she will calm down on her own. But I must admit it kind of hard not keeping up with the teen moms. So ummm deal with it! They're still young and immature thing will be done.

Alecia Williams

i understand her behavior on the show is not trying to be a mom but the point is she is a CHILD herself an this show is a joke....LOOK UP OTHER YOUTUBE VIDEOS SHE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE PUTTING UP STUFF LIKE THIS...i think the media needs to leave these kids alone to live their life as they choose the way any other teen mom would be left to live it why just choose few to put on the air mtv made these kids wanting fame so why fault them for it now

Theresa Lucke

shes just acting like a teenager this isnt that bad ..she should be thanking her mother and kissing the ground she walks on that she has someone to take care of her son cause she doesnt seem to have the desire to get it together for his sake

nonmember avatar h.

I honestly love her. Shes just a rebel.

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