'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Lindsey Needs to Stop Whining

Sometimes there are certain 16 and Pregnant cliches that get old -- the deadbeat teenage dad, the angry grandmother-to-be (usually a single mom), leaving school. Lindsey's episode is no different, but in her case, it finally kind of reached a tipping point.

Lindsey's interests are certainly no cliche. She wants to be a professional cage fighter (huh?) but the originality ends there.

Lindsey's predicament is nothing new. She was in an immature, on-again and off-again relationship with the father of her baby who wasn't ready to be a dad.

Despite her mother, her boyfriend, and just about everyone urging her not to have the baby, Lindsey went against the things they said. She has her daughter (Aniya) who is lovely and precious and perfect. But instead of being happy, all Lindsey does is whine.

She whines about how hard it is to not be a cage fighter. She whines that her boyfriend -- a boy who never wanted the baby in the first place -- isn't working overtime (or at all) to support the baby, and she whines that her mother doesn't do enough.

The problem is, Lindsey made all these choices herself. She could have chosen adoption or terminated the pregnancy. She chose to go through with a pregnancy against the wishes of her boyfriend and mother and then she whines when they don't "step up"?

I don't think so.

Women and girls need to take more responsibility for their choices. If a man says he doesn't want to be involved with a baby, believe him. Don't make a choice against his wishes and then whine when he doesn't act like he wanted it along. Ladies, we can't have it both ways. We can't be strong and independent and make our own choices and then also expect a man to act exactly the way we want him to.

"It takes two to tango," indeed. But the choices made after the "tango" were all Lindsey's. The fact that her boyfriend is even agreeing to anything is pretty remarkable.

Hopefully as her baby grows, she takes more responsibility for her own choices and stops expecting others to step up and take care of the decisions she made.

Do you think Lindsey was too whiny?


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Aleirah Stevens

They BOTH had sex, it doesn't matter if she was the one to choose for the pregnancy to go through to full term, he was ALSO responible for the pregnancy and NO WOMAN should HAVE to have an abortion, just because she chose not to have it does NOT make all of this her fault! She WAS working. She WAS saving! She was doing the best she could! What an offensive, woman hating blog!! Shame on you!!

Aleirah Stevens

And all you ass-hats who are whinning about how dads don't get to decide if the baby lives or dies, sorry but no man is ever going to decide that a blade will go through my most private area, into my uterus and scrape my baby out, or decide a vacume will rip my baby from my womb, at a risk I may not be able to have any more children afterwards. MY body, MY choice.

lovel... lovelife350

forest is a creep. he has no right to bash about working at a fast food place ( making fun of her work) when he doesn't he have a job.

Josie Elizabeth Davis

I find it absolutely disgusting that you said that because he didn't want the baby that he has no responsibility to take care of it. Yeah, she chose to keep the baby, but he also chose to have unprotected sex with her. How can you, as a mother and a woman, say something so completely wrong?! Way to let these guys out there humping anything that moves off the hook. Let them all just go get any girl pregnant they want and not be held responsible so long as they make sure the girl knows they don't want the kid. Sickening.

Rhea Bell

I can't believe that the crap I'm reading on here comes from ADULTS.
You people are DEFENDING this lowlife, lazy boy because he didn't want the kid? Really? So if he doesn't want it, she should HAVE to kill it? Uhm... no.

She womaned up. She gave up stuff she wanted, put off stuff she wanted. He has to do the same. Whether or not he wanted the kid. He was man enough to make it. Time to get a job, and support it.

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