'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Sarah Winchester Makes Her Freakin' Crazy Debut

Sarah WinchesterThough we met Sarah Winchester briefly earlier this season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, we really haven't seen much more of her ... until tonight. What we saw tonight was, to quote Vicki Gunvalson, "freakin' crazy."

It all went down at Heather Dubrow's couples' "champs" (that's champagne if you're not fancy like that) bowling party. See, Heather likes to pair extremes like bowling and good champagne and running errands in L.A. via helicopter. Silly things like that, you know. Anyway, Sarah (who Bravo classifies as "Friend of the Housewives") wasn't even invited by Heather, but she's Gretchen Rossi's BFF, and she apparently asked her to come. Boy was she sorry she did. Talk about the guest from HELL.

While Vicki and Gretchen hadn't seen each other since the major blowup at the bunco party, in which Gretchen screamed so loudly at Vicki that she damaged her vocal chords, they were both determined to behave themselves. Vicki even admitted some remorse (not to Gretchen, but still), and neither wanted to fight. But oh did Sarah.

She must have been wasted. She had to be wasted, right? Either that or she's certifiable -- I'm talking Danielle Staub-level crazy. When egging Gretchen on didn't work, she decided to go confront Vicki herself. She plopped herself down in the middle of conversation Vicki was having with Heather with her guns blazing. When Vicki said no, she didn't want to talk to her and asked her what she wanted, Sarah lost it.

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No matter how many times Vicki walked away or tired to ignore, Sarah wouldn't stop. She was relentless and talking in circles, screaming out once in awhile that Vicki was being rude. Vicki gets huge kudos for showing the restraint she did. Way to go Vicki! And Gretchen gets props too for telling Sarah she was wrong and trying to talk her down. United against craziness they were.

In the aftermath, Heather and Terry were talking about how Alexis Bellino and Sarah would make perfect BFFs. "Alexis is dumb, but Sarah is scary," Heather said. Exactly.

Honestly, I can't wait to see more of Sarah, hopefully sober to see just what we're working with here. Maybe she just had a little too much champs while bowling, or maybe that's just her. The latter would certainly spice things up majorly. Oh, and a scary fact: Sarah is heiress to the Winchester Rifle fortune. That girl around guns sounds like a really bad idea.

What did you think of Sarah Winchester tonight -- drunk or just crazy? Or both? Do you want to see more of her on the show?


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chigi... chigirl1228

Missed it! Havent been feeling well and forgot to record during my nap.

nonmember avatar Runnyisaac

Winchester, totally stoned but looking to insert herself into the middle of the hottest topic happening. Camera time. Boo hoo. She fits right into the Vicki and Gretchen war, make it a threesome. They can all get very crazy. This chick is just wanting camera time, which she got plenty of. The only thing was that the two other camera whores, Vicki and Gretchen got their time too. Actually they are all camera whores, but Vicki is the biggest. She got her time by being Ms. I am so non-confrontational, that it worked up out for all involved. Do we really need Winchester, another douchbag to cause waves in the little part of the OC they all pollute. I am done with the whole lot of them! No loss to them, no loss to me. It's a wash!

marti... martiniqueenie

I agree...Sarah just wanted to get in the middle of the drama. 

Carol Opie

She is a nutcase.  Not even her friends were backing her up.  But it's not fair to add Gretchen to the craziness of Vicki.  She finally said the things that should have been said to Vicki.  Vicki is only interested in herself.  Watch her, EVERY conversation is yet another opp for Vicki to tie a string to how it affects her, it's never about anybody else.  Granted, she was there for her daughter, but even then she nagged the hell out of her.  I personally would love to physically throw Vicki under a bus right along with Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon, enough already

Jacquie Singleton

There were too many "magic" moments in that bowling party, Vicki in true form falling down and being a victim, the must have, rambling drunk chick that is clueless, and the "can't we all just get along?" hostess. By the looks on the mens' faces they were wishing they were anywhere but there, except for Terry playing to cheap seats talking about strapping  down afore mentioned drunk, clueless chick,  drugging her and possibly sending her home in a spaceship. You can't just make this crap up, it's priceless!

lifeh... lifehappy

I'm trying to figure out how Sarah Winchester is an heir to the "Winchester Rifle fortune" when their is NO direct heir from Sarah Winchester (who died in 1922). So she has the last name? Anyone remember the story of how Taylor tried to pass herself off as a "Ford" heiress?

lifeh... lifehappy

*there, not their

Karen Dowling-Barth

She is not heir to the Winchester family!!  Jeez do you guys ever research before you write!!  Winchester isn't even her real last name.  Have you not heard of the Winchester house?  Where the widow was haunted by all the people she thought her husband had killed by inventing the Winchester!  

Sarah married William Wirt Winchester, the only son of Oliver Winchester, the owner of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The couple had one daughter, Annie Pardee Winchester, who was born on June 15, 1866, but died after a few weeks on July 25, 1866[3]from the childhood disease marasmus. Sarah fell into a deep depression following the death of her daughter, and the couple had no more children.

Ever heard of Google!!

glass... glasscloset

I respect you greatly as a blogger as I am one too. However through blogging I have met Sarah Winchester personally and she is one of the sweetest people in person. I just want to note that sometimes when we write it gets back to people and can be hurtful. None the less I like your writing, but I am in defense of Sarah always. http://cinderellasglasscloset.com/

Agent... Agentmomyyc

lol Total Drunk crazy bitch.


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