A Justin Bieber & Usher Duet Might Be a Total Disaster

justin bieber usherYou can't stop this kid -- Justin Bieber is taking over. Not only is his song "Boyfriend" the biggest selling worldwide single ever, he's just announced that he and his mentor, Usher, are coming out with two duets. Two! Woo! Usher's smart enough to know that when you put the names Justin Bieber and Usher together on an album, you've got a hit on your hands. The 33-year-old singer and producer had been Justin's guiding Hollywood light since the beginning, and it seems like he's now ready to come back into the pop song spotlight using his mentee's amazing star power. There's nothing wrong with coming up off someone you created. In fact, I'm surprised it took Usher this long to put out a duet with Bieber.

But before Ush and Biebs go counting their money, they should know that even when some of the world's biggest superstar singers collaborate on a song, things can go wrong. Very wrong. Just ask Micheal Jackson.

Need I remind anyone of a little song called "The Girl Is Mine"? I can't EVEN believe that two of the biggest musical talents in the whole world came together and thought, yeah, let's sing a mid-tempo song and see how many times we can use the word "doggone" in it. It's so bad that it's almost good. Almost. But not quite.

All I'm saying is that Usher and Bieber shouldn't rest on their laurels. Even though they'll make bagillions no matter what they put out there, they should still put their all into the duet. I'd hate to have another "doggone" disaster on our hands.

Looks like the first duet will come out in June on Usher's album, and the second will be released later this year on Bieber's album. Fingers crossed they don't disappoint!

What do you think of a Bieber/Usher duet?


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cocob... cocobeannns

They've already collaborated together on Justin's "Somebody To Love".

Heath... HeatherMazzone

^^^^ haha I was about to comment to say the same thing! I love that song too.


Nobody here likes Bieber. There's nothing he can do that would make anyone happy. He's a good kid and it gets old after a while. Why not pick on someone your own size. Jeesh.


in my opinion I THINK THAT WOULD BE AWSUM!!! i seen him in his video love me (which i just loved that video&song!! u r a hot ticket honey and u have the looks!!!u need his wisdom to help u!!!GODS SPEED HONEY I HOPE EVERY THING WORKS OUT GOOD 4 WAY JUSTIN!!

funmo... funmommy123

Honestly, Usher is the kind of music artist who can put out amu good song at any time & he will sell(if the song is good). He doesn't need Justin Bieber to help him out. Usher can hide out for 15 years and come back with a hit single! It won't be their first time calloborating either. They did, "somebody to love."


LOL!! Obviously no research was done on the topic since it was done in 2010!! Don't you writers feel like fools when you do stuff like this?? LMAO!! I didn't know this but then again, I didn't write the post.

cocob... cocobeannns

I agree with funmommy. You're clueless if you think Usher needs this kid to help him " come back into the pop song spotlight" as you put it. Usher has been making hit records since he was fifteen years old and has yet to fall off.

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