Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Nuts to Put Their Romance on TV (VIDEO)

PKim Kardashian Kanye Westart of the reason we love Kim Kardashian so much is because she lives her life as an open book. Without her reality shows, her countless interviews, and her fairly personal Twitter feed, she would probably just be another Hollywood chick with a sex tape to a lot of us. And that would be a damn shame -- she and her family have provided the nation with an endless amount of entertainment, tanning products, and, yes, fodder.

However, as much as I like being up on all things Kardashian, I do think Kim should draw the line somewhere. And that line begins with brand-new boyfriend Kayne West appearing on episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Did the Fairytale Wedding not teach her anything?

A source told RadarOnline: "Kanye is head over heels in love with Kim, and he has told her he would love to appear on the reality show if she wants him to. Kim is a bit leery of having her man appear on camera, but watch for Kanye to make several appearances on the show towards the end of the season."

Ehhh ... not the best idea, if you ask me. Kim, trust your gut, girl. Don't do it! This kind of thing never -- ever -- ends well. We love seeing everything that goes on in your life -- and will totally watch if Kanye is on the show -- but every once in a while, you've gotta do what's best for you personally, not your fans, you martyr you. 

We've seen Kanye on the show before, so it's not like this would be totally out of left field, but still -- it's a different situation if they're featuring him on the show as her boyfriend

I really, really think Kim should make sure Kanye doesn't wind up on this season of KUWTK. Her audience will survive without it. And, besides, who can say for sure that by the time the shows air, they'll still be dating? 

Check out Kim talking about Kanye on the Today show:

Do you think Kanye West should appear on Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

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sofia... sofia0587

Oh god would it really surprise you if kanye was on the show? He wants just as much media attention as she does.

nonmember avatar wow

just no... date n Armenian guy already and stop dating these high profile people!

Dalla... DallasGirl214

Kanye is an arrogant, ugly douche.

nonmember avatar Natalie

kim always falls in luv to fast take it slow girl..

nonmember avatar Shay

No.. Bad idea! He's a total douche bag is that the way he's getting attention now. Using Kim to get attention. The only attention he had gotten was when he took the spot light from Taylor Swift on stage. NOT RECOMMENDED KIM Take your time stop being so fast.

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