'Khloe & Lamar' Recap: Dallas Move Dragged Their Relationship Down

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar OdomKhloe & Lamar tonight quickly went from Yeehaw! and cowboy hats to some pretty deep and depressing stuff. While we've seen Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom squabble a bit before, it was nothing like the major problems we saw between them this week. Based on this episode alone, I'd be more inclined than ever to at least listen to mumblings about them heading toward the big "D" ... and I don't mean Dallas.

Lamar was in an outright funk. He was mentally and physically drained after being traded to the Dallas Mavericks, and could barely drag himself in the door of their hotel suite after a day of practice. Khloe was doing everything she could to perk him up, support him, and try to start them on their new life in Dallas. Lamar just shot her down at every turn.

It was uncomfortable to watch, and it progressively got more serious. When they were house hunting, Khloe had found a gorgeous place, but it only had two bedrooms. Lamar had wanted three bedrooms so that friends (i.e., his buddy Jamie) could come and stay. Only when Khloe seemed willing to go for a condo with three bedrooms, Lamar said he wanted both ... because Jamie was basically planning on moving in with them.

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Uh, what? Khloe was understandably shocked by this revelation since Lamar had never asked or even given her a heads up. That's a serious lack of communication there, and a pretty heated conversation ensued.

Still, Khloe tried to keep plugging along with her positive pep and cliches about everything happening for a reason. Finally, things came to a head after a game in which Lamar didn't play well. Khloe had set up a picnic, rose petals, and wine, ready to use a little romance to cheer him up. Only, Lamar just headed to bed.

"I really don’t know what else I can do to make you happy," she said at one point.

Distraught and in tears, Khloe called her mom, Kris Jenner, who tried to talk her down. When Lamar came in and saw her crying, he finally realized just how hard this all was on her and how unfairly he was treating her. He admitted he was taking things out on her, and said that in due time things would work themselves out.

I hope so. I've been pretty quick to dismiss rumors of serious trouble in their relationship. Last week's episode of the show actually made me feel more bullish on their relationship. Tonight's episode ... not so much. They were neither cute nor cuddly, and gone was that sense of "we're in this together." While they did wrap things up with a final relationship lesson, it was lacking its usual sincerity and warmth.

Every couple has problems, and I don't want to believe rumors about their divorce. Everyone's marriage would probably look doomed at some point if we had cameras following us 24/7; and moving is a huge, stressful deal, with or without an NBA trade thrown in for fun. Hopefully next week we'll see them back to their sweet, cutest couple ever ways. Still, whereas before I would have issued a resounding no way, never in response to divorce rumors, after tonight I'd be more in the never say never camp.

Were you surprised to see the way Khloe and Lamar handled the move tonight? Did it make you think of their relationship differently?


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QTKakes QTKakes

EVERY relationship has it's problems, and Khloe and Lamar are no different. I don't listen to rumors, I watch and listen and wait to see what happens.

Both of them are stressed and emotional for different reasons, and were bound to fight s bit about it. But I honestly believe that it seems more dramatic on T.V. More importantly, I think that they truly love each other, and since we know that in "real time" they are still together, they are strong enough and commited enough to make their marriage work.

Rebecca Peterson

Moving IS stressfull. My husband and I almost split up moving across country just beccause of everything going on. He probably lashed out at Khloe because she's the only safe person, as it should be in a marriage. She probably lashes out at him for the same reason. Sometimes my DH is in a bad mood and I can do everything to make him happy, and he's still mad just, we've had to learn to say "I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at a situation" so the other person knows it's not their fault. Just because of stress, and one case of a lack of communication doesn't mean they're divorcing.

nonmember avatar susan

well, as of today lamar is no longer with the mavericks basketball team, so that should eliminate some stress!o fcourse they "ham it up" for the cameras..i have heard inteviews where the kardashian bunch have said parts of their shows are "scripted"..they will be back in la soon,so the "fodder" for more reality tv is there..

nonmember avatar His Dudeness

OK..Moving is stressful but LamLam got $8.9 million reasons to react like an adult, but chose to be a baby. Now they are gone back to LA and Lamar took his career with him..How long will Chloe put up with him when he is broke? My sense is not long..

Mindy... Mindymama

I really think that they are a wonderful couple. And they aint gonna ever divorce.

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