Amanda Bynes' DUI Arrest Does Not Mean She's the Next Lindsay Lohan (VIDEO)

Amanda Bynes DUI mug shotBy now you've surely heard about Amanda Bynes, right? Welp, the former All That star got in an eeeensy bit of trouble Friday morning. OK, so maybe being arrested for a DUI after allegedly sideswiping a police car at 3 a.m. in West Hollywood isn't eensy. Woof, probably not the way she wanted to jumpstart her weekend.

Well, the 26-year-old B-lister is now out of jail and back on the roads after posting a $5,000 bail and taking a little tripski a local L.A. tow yard to pick up her black BMW, solo. FYI: Rocking the outfit you wore last night (complete with sky-high hooker heels) to the impound yard WILL get you shitted on.

And rightfully so! Hell, the girl needs to learn a lesson for what she did. However, there's a whole bunch of people comparing her to another Hollywood actress with a criminal record this morning, and I'm here to say it's a little extreme. Yup, you guessed it: Lindsay Lohan.


Let's look at these two ladies, shall we? On one hand, there's Amanda, a girl who pretty much stays out of the spotlight, only surfacing every so often for a pity roll alongside hot men a la She's the Man and Easy A.

On the other, there's LiLo, who has been to rehab a whole slew of times, has served time in jail, was forced to wear an ankle bracelet under house arrest, allegedly stole a $2,500 necklace at one point, and oh -- we can't forget that whole cocaine thing.

I get it. Hollywood actress slips up with the law and it's almost automatic to compare her to Lohan, a woman with one of the lengthiest rap sheets in the biz. Not that I'm saying that Bynes deserves any slack whatsoever, but let's be real: ONE arrest doesn't mean she's headed to Lindsay's school of hard knocks.

For her sake, I'm hoping her time spent in the slammer shook her silly. For her sake, I hope she stops partying so much and takes a little breather. Oh, and for her sake -- I PRAY she changes that hair color.

Do you think it's fair to compare Amanda Bynes to Lindsay Lohan? 


Image via LA County Sheriff

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