Camille Grammer Thanks Kelsey for His Slimeball Parting Gift (VIDEO)

camille grammerI'm starting to feel like my disdain for Camille Grammer during the first season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was unwarranted. Grammer was going through the early phase of a divorce -- a high profile divorce -- and that has to be one of the crappiest points in a person's life. And she was doing it on national television, no less.

In addition to her husband barely talking to her and generally treating her like crap, Kelsey Grammer was cheating on Camille with some flight attendant and essentially flaunting it in her face. Then came the aftermath.

During a visit to Piers Morgan, Kelsey said that his agreement to participate in RHOBH was his "gift" to Camille, stating, "That was a way of saying, here’s what you always wanted ... With my grace, go have that famous life you wanted." Classy.

Well, now, Camille is firing back at that gem Kelsey lobbed her way. And she's making him look like a douche.


Camille appeared on Good Morning America today to discuss why she won't be coming back for another season of Real Housewives, and during the segment, she "thanked" her ex for his generous gift. Responding to the ass-tacular comment, and referring to the fact that Kelsey was seeing another woman while they were still together, Camille said, “Yes, thank you, Kelsey, for the gift of humiliation for the first season.” Ouch.

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However, there is a silver lining to her words.

The fact that Camille is able to come out and say that she was humiliated does a few things. One, it says that she really has moved on. It's hard to admit hurt while you're hurting. Being able to admit she was embarrassed is huge. Two, it makes Kelsey look even slimier than he is. Everybody knows that his comment was completely pompous and obnoxious, but the fact that his ex is now talking about how much he humiliated her (and he did) -- it only gets people on Team Camille.

So, good for you, Camille. You may not be coming back for season three of RHOBH, but it seems like you're in a good place.

Check out Camille:

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Do you think Kelsey's comment was out of line?

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