'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska's Baby Daddy Gets Even Worse (Is That Possible?)

It has long been known that Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska needs to dump Adam, her evil baby daddy from hell. That's a given. But now, it's even worse. Not only has she not dumped him, she is now bailing him out of jail.

Yes, Houska bailed Adam Lind out after he was arrested for a DUI and for driving with a suspended license. Keep it classy, Adam!

It's hard to believe that two years AFTER Adam said such despicable things to Chelsea, she is still putting up with his crap as a "friend" or anything else. Remind me if I have a daughter like Chelsea that I need to smack her.

It isn't that Chelsea is a bad mom. She loves her daughter and cares for her very well. But part of being a good mom, especially to a little girl, is showing your daughter how to respect herself. After all, Aubrey's biggest female influence is Chelsea herself.

That means every time Chelsea accepts Adam's abuse and mistreatment, she models that behavior for her daughter. Gee, I wonder what will happen to Aubrey in 20 years. Sure, she claims they are "just friends," but come on. Does anyone buy that?

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If Houska can't get it together for herself, maybe she should think of her child. Sure, it's a bummer to have a kid with a loser, but it happens every day. If a woman makes the choice to have a child, she also needs to make the choice to care for that child the right way.

The "right" way means not letting her overwhelming delusion about the "perfect" family get in the way of reality. This isn't the first time we have heard this story. Haven't we all known the woman who breaks up with her baby daddy weeks before finding out she's pregnant and then gets back together, forcing the whole thing into the "perfect" mold? Isn't it obvious to everyone but her that her life is a nightmare and she is miserable?

Grow up, Chelsea. Denial is a great place to live until it isn't. And as most shrinks say, denial is also the most primitive defense mechanism out there.

Grow some ovaries, girlfriend, and kick that loser to the curb where he belongs.

Do you think Chelsea needs to dump Adam?


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nonmember avatar Darlene

She's a sweet girl that met the wrong boy. I feel for her. Hopefully she will realize that the best and only thing that can come from her relationship with Adam is her beautiful baby girl.
IMO she is a loving, thoughtful,and genuine. She WILL find another `love' and take all those qualities with her and offer them to a person that is worthy of them.

nonmember avatar desirae

Wow!! she should not be bailing him out of jail. The way she is acting over adam I don't wanna see how aubree grows up. Pregnant at 16 and dating a loser... generation repeats itself.. aubree neeeds her mothers full attention & its sad her own "father" is selfish and its always about him...

nonmember avatar Leanne

It saddens me to see him smirk and laugh at her. He doesn't care about anyone but himself and his parents need to take a long look at themselves too. Her dad is such a nice man how did she choose someone so awful?

Melinda Ryan

i can understand you cant help who you love but this is a little ridiculous ... shes dumb as hell

nonmember avatar Samantha

So how do we know this story is even tre?

Maeghon Bilodeau

I can say from experience that until you've been in that kind of situation yourself, you don't have a leg to stand on as far as your opinion goes. Having been in a similar situation myself, I know that leaving Adam is a decision she has to make for herself. Love is the same as any other addiction, first you have to admit you have a problem. Having a child with him also complicates things, because it's not like she can just cut him off completely b/c Aubrey needs a father even if it is a loser like Adam. Making snide comments about someone else is easy, but you have no idea what you would do if you were in her shoes.

Danielle Woolfork

Yes, she needs to move on with her life and leave adam alone. He is a useless p.o.s. and doesn't appreciate women. If he cared he would be there for his daughter and respect his daughter's mom. This is bull chelsea. Change girl you can do better than him just takes time.

Brittany Lyn Gardner

Her need for a perfect family and trying to keep appearances is just showing her immaturity. I have watched many episodes and she is a decent Mom, she is attentive, loving and caring and onlyu wants the best for her daughter but at the same time she is teaching that baby that women and theiur feelings come second and that she is to be a doormat if she wants a man. I am not all girl power by any means but I am all about human decency and Adam does not show signs of any. It is time to put on yolur big girl panties and wake up. You want to play with the big girls and now you are a mother, you are a role model and you need to act as such.

Green... GreenKnitMama

She's a spoiled twit. She has no idea what the real world is like.

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